Engine H/c/i Guys What Kind Of Issues Ran Into On Install?

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  1. I'm trying to piece together a tfs like top end kit using tfs 170's a .512 cam and a ported explorer intake. My questions and concerns lie in all the extras that I might need. How many of y'all had ptv issues? Can one use stock valve covers with 1.6 rr(I'm looking at summit brand)? Hood clearance: please don't tell me I have to get a new hood. Any issues with the sn funky egr? I guess that's about all I can think of for now. If there's anything I missed fill me in. I'm wanting to do a top end but I'm starting to chicken out. Money is an issue and I'm paying labor and all the little extras seem to be adding up. Elbows and spacers galore
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  2. Tough crowd
  3. There should not be any issues with running that cam but it doesnt hurt to check ptv. You wont need a new hood unless you plan on running an intake spacer.

    Are you keeping all your smog? Not sure if those heads have the the hole in the back for the smog. Egr runs off the elbow so you will be good unless you are converting to a fox setup.
  4. Yeah wanting to keep the smog. As for spacer I'm not sure if I'd need one or not to clear valve overs or not alot of "what ifs" for a newbie with not such a heavy wallet.
  5. Some roller rockers will fit with stock covers. If not you can use fox body valve covers. You should only need a spacer if you go with tall valve covers.
  6. Maybe someone else can confirm this for me, but I think you’ll either need to ditch or replace the stock strut-tower brace with one that can clear the GT40-based intake. (The stock brace works with the smaller stock GT intake.) You will probably need one that kicks forward to make room for the larger intake manifold that you mentioned using. I’m not 100% sure with the explorer intake, but the factory Cobra and FR equivalent cast intakes (very similar to the explorer) required this. Ford Racing used to sell it for around $110, but it’s probably discontinued now.
  7. Stock tower brace can be tossed. All of us running KBs have to leave them off. Also, the 94-95 Cobras did not have them. I would though, recommend that one install full length sub-frame connectors.
  8. I looked through my old Summit receipts and the part number was M-20201-A51. I purchased one shortly after I bought my Cobra and it fit perfectly. However, it appears that they have been discontinued or at least FR isn't selling them anymore. I'm not sure who supplied them to Ford Racing originally, but you might be able to find one from an aftermarket company like BBK or Maximum Motorsports - just make sure to double check with them that it clears the GT40 family of intakes. Good luck with your project!
  9. You will need a tuner like the quarter horse and a laptop. Bigger injectors with matching MAF or Lightning 90MM but it will have to be tuned. The stock stuff will be too small. If you change your cam you will need a tune. You can get away with everything else as long as you match your MAF and injectors. get assembly lube for cam, new timing chain, Felpro gaskets for water pump, heads and intake, black RTV, new engine head bolts ARP for your particular heads.. If you pull out the engine to work on it then replace the rear main seal Felpro. New coolant and oil.. Pick up a fuel line disconnect tool they are cheap. get a timing light if you don't have one. You will need a adjustable fuel pressure regulator and get a chilton manual for torque specs..
  10. Why does he need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator? The fuel map is an adjustable parameter in the tune. Increasing the fuel pressure should not be used to maintain desired AFRs as fuel atomization/spray characteristics will be changed with unattended consequences. I know that FMUs increase fuel pressure to maintain AFRs but that doesn't mean it's the correct way.
  11. He will need to make sure he is getting 39psi to the fuel rails. If he has bigger injectors it will change the pressure. That reminds me, he will need a wideband o2 sensor installed so he can monitor his air fuel ratio. The regulator will help the engine get the fuel it needs till he can get it to a tuner expecially if he gets a bigger cam like the .512 lift.
  12. The point is, without a WB and the fact that he needs a tune shouldn't be compensated by increasing the fuel pressure. A stock FPR is going to give him all the pressure he needs when tuned which really should be done before he drives it very far. Besides he's short on cash as per his first post and he's not doing the work himself.
  13. Well the list I put together is what I experiened when I built my 347. There is alot of parts you will need that you did not realise until you tear into an old engine. For example if you change your cam you can not reuse the lifters and push rods because of the wear from the old cam. Where I live in central Texas there are no Tuners. The closest Tuner is in San Antonio, which is 70 mile away. Another 1995 stang I worked on for a friend, I replaced the intake and injectors and MAF. When his custom chip failed that adjustable fuel pressure regulator got him home. When modifying engines take your time and plan for what you want and budget for it before you start taking things apart.
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