H/C/I swap..Need help on other mods & buys

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  1. Hey alright..I am going to be be buying thumper heads with E cam and gt-40 intake...my cars got 165000 on her..bottom end is good though..my compression was 155 on all cyl...so im just cleaning up the pistons and all...i realize i need a new timing chain...
    what else do u recommend replacing while im in this project..
    fuel pump and adj. fuel reg right....190? and which brands to get? i can get my stock 19lb injectors and clean em up right...
    so what else after that? i need a new starter...my distrib. should be fine i guess..i have an msd ignition...
    just a question but im not gonna blow out anythign of over do it with these mods right? like i dunno what can handle so much and what cant..my AOD is rebuilt with high performance parts ,shift kit, and 2400 stall..soo...also i have 70mm tb and granetelli maf...
    basically im asking what NEEDS and should be replaced with this h/c/i swap for me..thanks guys...also im going to be like a weekend driver..some weekdays..its a fun car..but im not gonna race it..its just for fun..
    ive had it for 3 years..just doing the real work now..
  2. When I did h/c/i on the 302 I also did new: Oil pan and pickup, new oil pump, new timing set, all new gaskets, new hoses, new motor mounts. A new fuel pump and adj regulator are a must. I would go with a 255hp for the 10-20 bucks more it cost, you cant really overpump a 5 liter. As far as injectors, new 24lbers are cheap buy you'll need a new mass air. You should be alright with the 19's but if 24's are in the budget go for them. Good luck with and have fun.
  3. yep 255lph is right never buy another fuel pump again and it won't hurt you. i agree with the injectors also get some 24lbers, plus you'll need a new maf calibrated for 24lbers i'd get a pro-m, also look for kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulators on ebay there pretty cheap and there one of the best.
  4. how hard is it to install a fuel pump??
  5. changing the pump is the easy part but lowering the tank by yourself is a little tricky, especially with jack stands and a jack. What i do is jack car up as high as it can go and place stands under car, than using a sheet of ply wood on top of your jack raise up and loosen the tank to be lowered. Disconnect all lines and electrical connections. Replace and reinstall using the ply wood to aid.
  6. ttt for ya....I'm curious to the "list" that is needed..

  7. question here..so pretty much if i get an E cam with thumper heads with the new springs for .590 lift..i can run my stock lifters, pushrods, and rockers without any problems right..
    if i keep my stock cam..i should buy 1.7s right....
  8. Hey....if you get the higher lift springs with the thumpers you will have room to grow with your cam choices. Your stock springs will not support 1.7s and a cam of that takes you over .500 or so.....but if you get the higher lift springs you can go up to .590. Not that you will but you CAN. If you are getting a cam and buying one new...dont get a b or an ecam...there are better out there that will match your intake and heads a little better. But if you retaining your stock cam then yes get the 1.7s for sure.

    Yes you can keep your stock lifters and pushrods but hardened pushrods will stabilize your valvetrain at high rpm.
  9. hmm..well see mike can hook me up with a package i think with the heads, timing chain, and either an E or B cam...which i would get the E.....
    what cam would match mine better that u are thinking????? im gonna need good installation instructions cause i have NO idea how to put it back in and set it or whatever
  10. checkout a trick flow stage 1 cam, its a great street cam and beat the fms b and e cams. It has .499 and .510 lift I with 1.6 rr, so 1.7 should be around .530 and .542 lift. Plus its a dual profile cam unlike the ford cams.
  11. i need a cam that will work with my AOD though...
  12. why wouldn't the tf stage 1 not work with your aod? with the 1.7rrs its perfect for your stall convertor at 2400rpm. What you really need to get are some gears though. probably some 4.10's to take advantage of the shifted powerband that goes along with a cam.
  13. nah dude but i dont wanna buy and cam, and the rockers..thats too much money..i was told either or...either my stock cam with the 1.7's or a new cam with the stock rockers...
    either way its about the same price..so which way should i go? either way my valve covers will clear the heads right?? and whats wrong with the E cam...
  14. ok like if i get the better thumper heads with the new springs..that have .590 lift..and i get an E-cam..and keep my stock rockers, lifters, and pushrods...can i still use my stock valve covers? ALSO would that match be better than just leaving the stock cam, and getin 1.7's....i am looking for alot more of low end power and torque..but still want high end too..
  15. sorry i thought u already had 1.7rr's on the car. this is a tough one now, eventually your going to need to upgrade your cam, rockers, and intake to get the max out of the car.

    Right now you have a bottle neck with thumper heads because your stock intake can't provide enough air to feed the ported heads. I would first do the intake before the cam and rockers, but its really a waste not to do everything at once wasted work time.

    as for you other question the stock valve covers will even work with 1.7rr's but u have to remove the baffle. Also price wise a trickflow cam is only 140 bux so its cheaper than the fms ones. If I were you i'd do the intake over the cam and rockers, you'll see more gains from that than than the valvtrain move right now. The stock cam on a stang is acutally pretty good.
  16. haha sorry man i forgot to tell ya im buying a GT-40 intake kit soo...
    now back to my question....so with the thumper heads with the springs for .590 lift...should i buy a cam and leave the stock rockers, orrrrrr leave the cam and buy 1.7's
    which one would i benefit from more?!! thumper can get me a deal on E-cam thast why i wanted it...and its suppose to be good...
    look at my other mods there to help ur decision...obviously im going to need a bigger fuel pump with reg. also
  17. for the sake on making things easier, get the cam and add the rocker later, its much easer to remove a valve cover than it is to install a cam. Yeah h/c/i requires more mocny than people anticipate, they forget about the bigger injectors, maf, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, the larger fuel pump. these add an extra 500 bux just to facilitate the h/c/i install.

    Go with cam and do rockers later. Good luck
  18. i dont have money for injectors dude..eveyone said my 19lbers should do fine if i buy the o-ring kit em and clean em up...espcially if i get a 190 pump and adj. reg. ...
    u think they'll be alright? how much hp am i gonna have lol?
  19. if you get a afpr than you'll be good, you can in theory run a 19lber as high as a 30lber using close to 100psi as your fuel pressure, but thats pushing its limits, for under 300rwhp 19lbers will surfice.

    Fuel Pressure Impact
    The impact of fuel pressure vs. fuel delivery can be determined by taking the square root of the new fuel pressure divided by the injector calibration pressure times the injector lbs/hr rating. Fuel delivery for a 19lb/hr injector using the equation would result in the following: fuel delivery (lbs/hr) = 19 times the square root of {new pressure/calibration pressure}

    <TABLE cellSpacing=2 borderColorDark=#333333 cellPadding=3 width=278 borderColorLight=#990000 border=1><TBODY><TR><TD width="49%" height=21><!--mstheme-->[font=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]
    Pressure PSI

    <!--mstheme-->[/font]</TD><TD width="51%" height=21><!--mstheme-->[font=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]
    Lb/hr Rating

    <!--mstheme-->[/font]</TD></TR><TR><TD width="49%" height=21><!--mstheme-->[font=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]

    <!--mstheme-->[/font]</TD><TD width="51%" height=21><!--mstheme-->[font=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]

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    <!--mstheme-->[/font]</TD></TR><TR><TD width="49%" height=21><!--mstheme-->[font=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]

    <!--mstheme-->[/font]</TD><TD width="51%" height=21><!--mstheme-->[font=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]

    using this equation you can determine what size injector u need and intern can adjust you regualtor to its proper fuel pressure

    270rwhp (im guessing ur hp heads/cam/intake) x .15 (drivetain loss) = 40.5hp = 310.5fwhp

    310.5hp x .45 BSFC / ( 8 injectors x .8) = 21.83lb injector = 22lb

    so your fuel pressure should be set to around 55psi
  20. hey how much HP and torque do u think ill have after all those final mods?? should it be more than 300 hp?? it def. seems like it would be jeez..i cant affrod to recalibrate my maf and get new injectors now though..its just gonna have to do