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  1. this thing has morphed so many times just to prove a point, when someone for example says my car runs 11's one assumes 11.00's not 11.99's There is a big diffence between the two. And now 300rwhp morphs to 330rwhp, and a stock stang morphs from 3300lbs to now 3000lbs.

    I still think my point is valid that a stang waying 3300lbs with 300rwhp will not run anywhere near 11.00's.

    I can make a vague point and say a stang runs 10's with 300rwhp, and later on say oh well i mean its has 395rwhp and 10's are really 10.95s. when you said 300rwhp thats a big differnece from 330rwhp. And 11's are a big difference from 11.90's.
  2. You know i really thought you were ok at first...but now i think your an idiot.
    I never morphed anything. Obviously i meant 300 and 3200 would get you into the 11.90s. Yes there is a big difference between 330 and 300. But i showed you a video of a guy going 11.09 at 330 and 3000. Thats almost a full second faster than i said. Just to prove a point.Inever meant 11 flat.

    And as far as a car going 11.90 at 300 rwhp and 3200 it is totally reachable and if you dont think so then you are just ignorant...There are plenty of people that do it.....some people have less than 300 rwhp and do it.

    So why dont you just save face and shut up. The topic has been dropped and you brought it back up and sounded like an idiot doing so.

    Do you serioulsy think that a car cannot go 11.90 at 3200 with 300rwhp? :lol:

  3. I never ever said 3300, it was 3200.
    Obviously a car wont go 11.00 at 3300 and 300rwhp.
    That wasnt what i said.....can you read.

    Go back to my post.

    Last time i checked 11.90 was IN THE 11s.
  4. dude you need to grow and stop the name calling, name calling over the internet is so lame because of the cushion that people have, otherwise would haven't the balls to do it face to face. Nothing I said is false or idiotic in my last statement you just like to flame on people for no reason because they disagree with you.

    yeah 11.00 and 11.99 are 11's but the difference bewteen the two are a 100hp and or big drop in the cars weight.
  5. Well you need to stop saying that i changed my story...cause i didnt. Its always been 300 and 3200... I showed you the video of someone going 11.09 at 330 and 3000 just to give you an idea. Thats 9 full tenths quicker than what i started at. Thats a big difference.

    I am still saying that a car that weighs 3200 and has 300 rwhp will go 11 something.

    Its done. If you want to interpret that different than thats your choice...seems to me that you are the only one that made the mistake...everyone else figured it out.
  6. latham83: If I were you I would leave the stock cam in there and get some 1.7 roller rockers. The stock cam is a good cam for stock ported heads. The roller rockers will help reduce friction unlike the stock rocker and will help you free up more HP with the stock cam and you will still have the low end power that you are looking for in a street driven car. The B cam is for 5 speeds...The E cam even with your 2400 RPM stall will still surge like a mother....With your setup don't expect more than 240-250RWHP...You will not see now where near 270RWHP and 12's are far from it. But you will have the TQ you want and that matters in a street driven car.

    For the rest of you: Mike Kierstead...I highly doubt 240RWHP will get you into 12's. With a car that weighs 3000 race weight yes...but not a street car...Don't forget to get into the 12's you have to launch your car pretty hard...can a stock T5 take that? So much for minor mods to get into 12's and don't get me started on a 300RWHP street car full weight etc...is it possible sure BUT NOT IN A STREET CAR. Oh BTW: you will need about 4.10-4.30 gears to even hit 11's in a 300RWHP car. Don't say it's easy cuz its not...it takes some hard work to get 300RWHP from a car using smaller heads...unless of course you get AFR 165 which are FULLY PORTED! I agree with you that driver either makes or breaks the ET's but come on get real here. My car made 291RWHP and 322RWTQ untuned...yeah its a vert and a 5 speed now but it does have some weight reduction I think I should be around 3400# race weight with me in it. If I hit high 12's I'll be lucky. Remeber...race cars and street cars with the same amout of HP is like comaring apples to oranges.
  7. Never said getting 300rwhp was easy. I said once you have the power and the traction then it was easy.. Getting the power and the traction can be difficult sometimes.

    Yes 240 rwhp is more than enough power to put a street car into the 12s on slicks.

    Look at the MM&FF white LX. Auto...245 rwhp...full weight...drag radials or slicks...and it runs high 12s.
  8. I think we are confusing two things here...Yes there are cars that have 300RWHP and run 11's but do you know their TQ curve? Yes a car can run 11's if it makes 300RWTQ at about 3000RPM and stays flat through out but most cars on a street application don't make that much till about 4000+RPM. Traction is a factor and that is not cheap either. I have nothing against you but you seem like one of those people that will say that a next to stock 5.0 with the exception of full exhaust and 3.73 will run mid 13's...I know there are guys here that claim they did it but knowing the amount of work done to my engine I think they are full of it for the most part OR I just don't know what my car is capable of and need to learn how to drive...
  9. No i am not one of those guys. I race my car alot and i know how precious even a tenth can be sometimes. It is difficult to get your car to run down the track as you would expect it to somtimes. I am not an idiot...i was just giving the kid who started this thread some insite on what kind of power it took for a mustang that weighs around 3200 pounds and has good traction and a good driver behind the wheel to get into the 11s. Its not done everyday but it is possible. He sounded really suprised when someone said what 270 rwhp would do. So i really thought it would brighten his day to let him know that there is cars that have 300 rwhp and weigh 3200 or less that go high 11s. Thats all. And then after that there 5-6 pages of pointless arguing.

    So here i am again 6 pages later saying the exact same thing.

    Yes i agree that a 3600 stang on street tires with 300 rwhp will never see the 11s...but i know myself, i would never go to the track with 300rwhp and not be able to get it to the ground. Its just pointless.

    SOOOO....a car with traction and the right setup and 300rwhp at 3200 will break into the 11s properly launched and driven......I really dont want to talk about it anymore. Its old and stale.

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  12. 11s and 3200 bls...

    Wow... I just read all most all the 6 pages... This is like another of those long posts of opinions and differances.. gotta shoulda stuff!! right?? LOL

    I think the statement from mike is right on... and a 3200 lb car with 300 RWHP can bust 11s with driver and hook!! Or the 60 ft times.... I dont think it was HOW to get 300 RWHP, it was WITH 300 RWHP!! any one who does race knows it is the first 60 ft that usually will take a race!! the MPH is real good but if you look at this example it might help!! Same car, driver and shift points!! and the same MPH!! But the example shows the differance in a 13 sec run and a 11 sec run ( high 11s, as Mike stated!)

    Using this engine.. ( just for this example) 365 fltlbs @ 4000, 357 HP @ 6500, 3200 Lb car, shift at 6000 AND 15% dt loss for the 5 speed is about 304 RWHP!! cool??
    Again this is just the guide and the 300 RWHP.. as to how the engine got the 300 RWHP isnt in this factor!! Cool?
    2.36 60 ft = 13.07 @ 112.1 mph /// 2.08 60 ft = 12.42 @ 112.4 mph /// AND 1.77 60 ft =11.86 *** @ 112.8 mph !! SO... yes 300 RWHP will put a 3200 lb car in the 11s as Mike has said ( and a few others )

    That is why , IMHO, the drag cars hate the street cars... on the street with no Hook up the 11 sec car might get busted by a low 13 sec car !! a lot of us do it all the time!! the traction is the equalizer. the MPH isnt!! the HP isnt!! It is ETs that win races... and as Mike has been saying " Hook and driving" !! cool?? There was an 8.90 (1/4 mile car) 150+ mph just got handed his doors here from a 9.80 car just for that reason... Hook and driver. (it was a black top sat nite street race) on the track the 9 sec car will loose... but the hook and driving on the street the high HP car LOST!! cool??

    Just me..................................



    PS>> sorry for all the color.. Its cool!! Tpr LOL!!
  13. Think that pretty much ends this conversation.

    Thanks Thumper.

    RIP THREAD :nice:
  14. Hold on, one more!

    I have 311rwhp 318rwtq.
    I weight 3100 with me in it.
    My 60' is 1.65

    My 1/8th is consistant low 7.5's
    My 1/4 is 11.7's.

    Whats hard to believe about what Mike said? :shrug:
  15. Cool...

    Test...Cant do both at the same time....??

    Thanks guys.... lets all try color posts...??? LOL

    Just me.......................

  16. How do you do the colors Thumper? :bang:
  17. like this maybe hehe

    click post reply, then click the color you want and type in the box at the top. Or you can just use the code.
  18. OHHHHHH...didnt see that!
  19. I just have to say it one more time.

    A car....properly driven and that has good traction and weighs 3200 pounds or less and has 300 rwhp will run IN THE 11s. Some people think it is possible to get and 11s slip with a little less than 300 rwhp. Again properly driven and with good traction.

    LATHAM83....The combo you posted would make a great daily driver and have good off idle torque with the THUMPER heads cause of the small valves and high port velocity. If you decide to get a cam it will take advantage of your heads even more....and if you dont get a cam the stock one performs just fine anyway. Many people have taken the stock cam well into the 12s. Factory stock racers run low 12s with stock profile camshafts. A good set of roller rockers would compliment the stock cam well. IF YOU DECIDE TO GET AND ROLLER ROCKERS YOU WILL HAVE TO GET THE HIGHER LIFT SPRINGS. You probably already know this. Good luck with your combo and keep us posted.

    Also i see elsewhere in the forums you are talking about getting a new shortblock. You may want to look into rebuilding yours first. It may be cheaper. Also there is a few shortblocks for sale right here in the STANGNET classifieds if you are still set of getting a short block. They are both DSS and they would be great additions to your combo. They are stout shortblocks and would handle anything those THUMPERS and GT-40 could throw ate it.

    Good luck and sorry for destroying your thread with our argument.