Fox H Or X For Shorty Upgrade

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  1. Going to start replacing some basic stock items on my 89. I bought the car with a new flow master cat back set up. I am considering replacing the headers and stock H. I am not gong to far with the motor any time soon, maybe change the intake. If I go extreme I will pull the stock motor and go big. So I will stick with the shorty headers for now. I only plan on cruising on nice days, no track visits. I have been checking out the new H and X pipes and unsure of the direction I should go with. I will go with the off road, don't have to worry about emission testing, just need some advice from someone who has installed a replacement. I like the sound I have now and that seems that is the main difference, or in my situation the main difference. There is a newer Saleen and a couple of late model 00 Cobras in my area and I don't really care for the Fast and Furious sound there exhaust puts out. Not sure if that is from an X pipe. I was told that I should put an X pipe on to go with the equal length shortys. I am probably only going to do minor bolt ons to this motor, intake and gears. Anyone educate me some on this topic. Thanks
  2. H=deeper n' throaty
  3. I've had them both, imo buy for quality as for the sound isn't different enough to make a choice.
    Stay away from the cheaper brands and any one that doesn't give you a little room for adjustment.

    I like bassani because the fit and quality is great, and it will likely outlast the car.
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  4. not much of a power difference so what it comes down to is the good description Grabbin' asphalt gave...i went with shorty h-pipe i love the deeper n' throaty sound especially right after getting a deeper n' throaty
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  5. I've had both, and the H pipe has a much throatier sound, while the X pipe is somewhat quieter, maybe a little more refined. If you want the classic muscle car sound, H pipe all the way.
  6. I found any balance pipe helps quiet the car down a bit too.
  7. I say long tubes and h pipe and you'll never look back, but if you're stuck on shorties, then h pipe over x

  8. Longtubes & H-Pipe FTMFW!
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  9. What does the jumble of letters at the end mean? I do not speak Swahili.:scratch:
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  10. H pipe all the way-x pipes produce a sound that is too raspy for my taste. If you have an AOD certain X pipes won't clear btw.
  11. One thing to consider with longtubes, if you're ever doing any clutch/transmission work you'll need to unbolt the headers instead of just the h(x) pipe because it's not gonna have clearance to drop I believe. From what I've read anyways. ....maybe someone could clarify that or suggest a part # that will have clearance. :shrug:

  12. Some companies make different LT headers for AOD vs. T5 . You can use AOD headers on a T% but not the other way around. The AOD is wider and needs more clearance.
  13. ape5e7e9.jpg
    Neither, get the Mac Prochamber and never look back

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  14. My BBK X pipe is not raspy, either with Flowmasters or Super Turbos. The cat pipe I am putting on is an X pipe for a little more power too. Based on the other cars I put a cheap H pipe in, I think any crossover pipe will help mellow the tone a bit. I wish they killed drone.
  15. Agreed, the x isn't raspy on a pushrod fox.

    As for the mac pipe, i wouldn't use another piece of mac garbage if you paid me to.
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  16. Personally I wouldn't put a pro chamber on my lawn mower. I had one and could not stand the sound of it. As far as an X being "raspy", it depends more on your mufflers than the mid pipe. I wouldn't call my car raspy, but it's definitely a higher pitch than most cars.
  17. I have an aod that came w bbk off road x. After a year of driving I had cats welded in when it was time for inspection. Afterwards I enjoyed getting out of the car not smelling like a gas pump
  18. I 2nd the ProChamber. I've had one for a long time now. I absolutely love the sound of it. It completely gets rid of the drone, and makes the car very subtle, until you give it the beans and then all hell brakes loose. If you are looking for shorties, their are people ditching BBK and Mac shorties all over ebay for almost nothing. There is nothing wrong with shorties.

    You don't have to loosen longtubes to remove the starter or change the clutch. So long as you have a two piece transmission and bellhousing, you can manuever the bellhousing out between the headers. It's not quite as easy as doing it with shorty headers, but it's not really any inconvenience.

  19. Go h-pipe. i just made the switch from shortys/h pipe to long tube/x pipe. after the first 10min i hated the x pipe. Im putting the x pipe on craigslist and buying a h pipe.