H.P. numbers for 75-78 302 with bolt ons?

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  1. From what I,ve read the base H.P. numbers for the stock smogged engine were about 140 or so ponies.

    So... I guess what I,m asking is or what are the ballpark numbers after installing bolt on pcs such as 4v carb,headers,ignition etc. without any internal work. I,m guessing that someone has dyno'ed with these mods.

  2. Dale,

    I can't give you any figures, but can assure you that the mods you suggest will give you a noticable performance increase. You might also want to consider a mild cam change to take best advantage of the other mods however, and perhaps switch to a slightly better rear gear ratio in the neighborhood of 3.25 or 3.40:1.
    You really don't need any more mods than these, to have a very drivable and enjoyable street car.
  3. Also,lose the smog stuff and don't go crazy with big CFM carbs.
    600cfm is about your best limit.
    headers and aftermarket manifolds help.
    dual exhaust,lose the cats.
    14" tires or better
    MSD ignition
    these are good to start with and will give noticable improvement. :nice:
  4. Agreed...I just assumed that the smog stuff was already long gone. Yes, no more than 600cfm carb on that otherwise stock or lightly modified engine.
  5. you are gonna have a very hard time getting over 200 with the stock cam/heads
  6. The stock cam really sucks.

  7. You mean there are still stock cams in engines?

    I thought they would have lost their lobes and burnt up sometime in the '80s.

    Hell, I wasn't sure my '78 even had lobes .... in '78. ;)
  8. yup, mine still had the plastic cam gear on it :nonono:

    haha, AFR 165s and an ED curtis cam will give you 200-250% stock power
  9. Ok..... can 80's 5.0 HO Heads(HeartShaped combustion chambers) be made to flow well? I have a set I might rebuild..Probably only put $1000 bucks into them.
  10. For less than $1000 bucks you can get a set of brand new aluminum heads that will outperform E7 with no work at all. Just bolt-on and go.
  11. Aluminum heads! :nice:
  12. Thanks for the replies. The reason I asked about the stock H.P. #'s vs. my mod list is that the car has these mods already bolted on minus the smog gear and does have ALOT of cam, maybe to much for a street car and was just trying to get an idea of what kind of a punch she'll pack...or shove. Wasn't going to do much with this car this winter but I think thats subject to change. Took the car for a quick (illegal) blast and attracted alot of attention with this car. There's a lot of people that don't know or remember.

  13. I did the same Friday and spun alot of heads, I'm one of about 3-4 that I've seen in town.
  14. A stock camshaft, a steel wheel and a piece of plate glass could probably make a cool end-table.
  15. Here is what I would do
    -600 CFM 4bbl
    -Cam from a late 80' HO Stang
    -Heads from the same above engine
    -Loose the smog junk
    -Low resistance spiral core plug wires no lower than 600 Ohams per foot
    -Buy all new OEM Ignition parts (MSD does nothing for performance)
    -Put taller gears out back
    -Maybe a T5 out of a late 80's Ho Stang also

    Just my $0.02
  16. The problem with swapping the late 80s HO roller-lifter camshaft into the older block is that the lifter bores arent high enough on the older motors, since they werent designed for use with roller lifters. I guess somebody might make a kit to hold and stabilize the roller lifters in the old blocks, not sure about it, though.
    But all that aside, the steel cam + roller lifters + whatever hardware would be needed to make it work is pretty costly.
    I would instead opt to have the heads machined for use with screw-in rocker studs and adjustable rockers, and then install a solid-lifter cam in that old motor. That'll wake its ass up.
  17. I totaly forgot about the roller cams in those engines, I personally would just bua an engine from a late 80's stang and put a 4bbl on it
  18. Got pics? I'd love to see what this 820 RWHP Mustang II looks like!
  19. The entire car is siting in my garage in pieces right now but next summer when I start puting it to geather I will start a new thred just for the progress.

    Dont worry guys they are coming