H pipe have deeper sound?

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  1. At least thats what i always heard. Just swapped my X for an H today, and DAYUM, that summ**** sounds terrible. With my magnaflow cat backs, it has a terrible BLAAT sound, much like old glasspacks on an old pickup truck, filled with water and beat flat! I think im gonna go back to the X, it had a deeper mellower sound that didnt POP!

    Have i always heard wrong?
  2. I've always liked the sound of the X better. I agree, I think H pipes sound kind of like a truck. But it is all opinion.
  3. You have the wrong mufflers. Magnaflows don't sound as good on a 5.0.
  4. Yeah, i know maggies arent the best, but i like them better than borla, bassani, pretty much all others other than flowmasters. I think ill go back to the X. Damn, and i had to weld on 02 bungs (and wideband bung) and all to make that ole rusty H work lol.
  5. personally i dont like h-pipes...they dont sound good....ive always had an x pipe and it just sounds badass ..also dont like magnaflow on a mustang. just doesnt sound right
  6. I have a Magnaflow catted H with 40 series flows and it sounds pretty good imo, alot better than the Magnaflow catback i had.
  7. Well! It seems there are tons of haters on the 'flows, but whenever someone hears em on mine I get nothing but compliments :shrug:

    I think with the right X it sounds amazing. More like a car than a raspy truck i.e. mac or single chamber flows...

    Why were you switching from x to h in the first place? Sound preference?
  8. Yep. But i guess i was mistaken. Cause i sure like the sound of the X that was on it better.

    I wish i could find some of the old true 2 chamber flows. Then i would go back in a heartbeat lol
  9. What brand X are you running? Catted or no?
  10. lol I had the exact same reaction the first time I installed Magnaflows on my '90 (while I still had the H-pipe). I absolutely hated it. Took the mufflers off and went back to the 3-chamber Flows within a couple of days. I reinstalled the Magnaflows a few years later after getting an x-pipe. Imo the Magnaflows sound miles better with an x-pipe. Especially on a cammed car.

    My '92 has Magnaflows and an h-pipe but the car is stock so it's not bad. At idle and cruising speeds they remind me of Super Turbos.

    I've been planning on going back to 3-chamber Flows on both cars but that's way down the "to do" list. I miss that chambered sound.
  11. I think the Hpipe with two chamber Flowmasters is "Classic" fox. I have this settup on my '87 vert. I just love the deep hollow rumble.

    I have three Fox mustangs.
    The other two have Bassani x pipes. One has two chamber Flowmasters, and the other has Dynomax. The x seems to be a cleaner,smoother tone.

    I think all my cars sound great but my favorite is my '87 with the H pipe.
  12. I guess I'm out of the norm. My car has LT's, o/r h, & magnaflows, & i think it sounds great?

    YouTube - Epik at sac raceway

    BTW, this was my 1st run ever on slicks, so thats why the launch is so weak, but its the only exhaust vid I have of my car...
  13. Slap a MAC cat back or even just the flowpath muffler on there and you'll never go back to the X. I promise.
  14. I love my X Pipe. BBK shorties, UPR catted X, and SLP LM1s. Bonerific.
  15. We all have many different combos. Thats the beauty of a free world.

    But one thing we all agree on is:
    Nothing sounds better than the 5.0 Mustang:D
  16. Im torn i just bought a 90 GT it has BBK shorties,Off road X-pipe and Mac cat back..to me it sounds ok a bit tinnie ...Not as deep as flows i dont know what to do...LOL.should i go with the new Flowmaster American thunder cat back i had that on my 93 GT with stock headers,off road H-pipe it sounded deeper...but i love the X pipe on my 90 way better cleaner sound I just think the Mac cat back is hurting the sound :shrug: here is my 90 with the Mac cat back and my 93 GT vert with the New super 44's cat back...what do you think i should do????..Oh yeah both are stock...the red has stock headers,,and the 90 GT has BBK headers and to me the 90 is to quiet....i thought it should have been louder no?

    YouTube - MOV00521.AVI

    YouTube - MOV00361.AVI
  17. I run bbk shorties,catted BBk X and a dynomax cat back with race bullets and personally I love the way my car sounds.
  18. My car had a BBK O/R H-pipe and Flowmasters when I bought it and I don't think I will ever change it - I love it. I get a lot of compliments on how it sounds, even from my diehard LS1 buddies.