H- Pipe install (?)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Rains, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. well i finally have an off road h pipe and now have a question on the install (MAC)

    well, the H-pipe is in two pieces right now, and i have to connect it at the mid pipe by pushing one end of it in the other end,

    but would it be easier to install the pipe one half at a time?

    take the old one out, bolt up one side and then move to the other side and install the 2nd half and as i'm putting it in just slide the second half of the mid pipe in??

    pretty much connect it under the car??
  2. Just did that yesterday. I installed the driver side first then connected them. DON'T TIGHTEN ANYTHING until the end.

    BUT....mine still leakes like crazy and for some stupid reason it pulled my pass. side tip up and in. :nonono:

    I gotta go monday and try and fix all that.

  3. u from Canada or Cali?

    If ure from Canada, i wanna know where u ordered it?

    cuz i dont want to pay 200$ of shipping from the states
  4. Good point...Take a look at your tails and line em up before the final reefing..I didn't do that and had one tail swivel to the side... :nonono: Noticed it AFTER i was all done...Damn...Stand back and take a look at them....
    Never did have any leaks from the Mac H...My Prochmber needed a gasket inbetween the socket to cure a small leak there...
  5. I installed a Flowmaster set on an 86' that i had and made the mistake of not stepping back and checking it out prior to cranking it down tight. I guess you could say I learned the hard way!

  6. I gotta find a way to fix the leaks at the front flange to header pipe, and line up the tail pipes. Hopefully they just need tightened some more, but was afraid of breaking the stud. Otherwise, guess I'll have to try a gasket.
  7. basically, what I've been told works best is don't skimp on the high-temp RTV, with some high temp "tape" over it... then, some custom gaskets at the headers, and you're tightly sealed... never just go pipe to pipe though... just stupid to do that...

    -although, you don't need to use RTV either... but it makes a nice seal...
  8. dont our cars come stock pipe to pipe? and they usually dont leak
  9. yes, but MAC doesn't make our stuff... out pipes are made to fit perfectly w/ the headers, mufflers, tips, everything... these aftermarket ones are just general pipes... hence, so cheap.
  10. Got the leaks fixed... Just welded the H-Pipes in the center where they connect together. No way will a u-clamp keep it from leaking. Guess thats the disadvantage with 2-piece H-pipes. Got them from Jegs and they fit good. Straightened the tails also and everything is good now and they sound much better. I'm happy. :nice:
  11. I'm from northern California, not canada sorry

    I have dumps on my mufflers, do i still have to watch the tails/ dumps still??

    also- maybe before i install the H, get the middle pipe welded??

    can anyone tell me everything besides my hand tools that i'll need for the install?? I thought it was going to be a quick bolt up but i guess i might actually have to gasket and RTV the mofo pipe

    thanks for replies and help :D