H-pipe? Power?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by custom89stang, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. I am getting an Off Road H-pipe from Jegs. I was wondering how much power its gonna add. My car has fenderwell cold air intake and flowmaster 2-chamber cat back exhaust out back. Thats all. Was wondering if someone read something on how much power it would add to a mustang thats pretty close to stock? has the same setup? Thanks for your time.
  2. Its really not going to get much more power a few hp if your lucky, its going to make your car louder though. Have fun with it, there easy to install.

  3. Thanks mr. nitrous! Anyone else got any other comments?
  4. about 50-60 HP at least. its the biggest bang for the buck.

    haha JK :D
    maybe a few HP ditching the cats and going to a mandrel bent piece. but the biggest change will be in sound. louder and meaner.
  5. agreed, unless your stang is heavily modified, the factory exhaust is plenty. You won't notice a damn difference in power, but the sound alone justifies the cost. I ditched my off road pipe for a stock catted piece, and I really miss the sound.
  6. I put a mac off road h pipe on my car with 40 series flows. After putting it on it sound much much much better and alot louder its got a good mean throat now. You will really like how it sounds after. :nice: Enjoy it

    Also something to think about keep that stock h pipe for emission purpose's
  7. well that's a bummer, mine didn't get very much louder (not as much as I would expect) when I put mine on...of course my full system sounds a lot quieter than I think it should..oh well, sounds badassed at WOT
  8. With the increased flow and stock motor, you're going to loose some low end torque due to the lack of backpressure but gain a few HP in the upper R's. The sound is AWESOME! :hail2: I didn't notice the low end loss until I put my cats back on for emissions, back when I was N/A.
  9. Doesnt the backpressure depend on what size pipes he has?
  10. the bigger the pipe, the less backpressure obviously, but no matter what size, you're going to lose some backpressure cause cats are decent restrictions. but there will definately be a loss of torque though. however, I think the high end gain is worth it. the stock H is a dog above 4k, offroad H is much nicer all the way up
  11. That too as well as the number and quality of bends in the pipe. In this case, a straight pipe, H or X w/o cats, will greatly reduce the amount of backpressure thus reducing the low end torque, which is noticeable during around town driving.
  12. yeah torque loss is definately noticeable...I miss it. wish I could get some more decent mods, but money sucks, so I just stick to giving it more gas
  13. Yeah but the sound makes up for the torque loss.
  14. well from expierence's ive seen that it will add a few ponies..it is lighter than a stocker mandrel bent as well bigger diameter...it will help rev's and the motor breath easier ...and sound great to
  15. now if only it was legal...hate putting that stocker back on, such a pita (one of the mounting pipes or whatever is bent so it takes a lot of effort to get on and off :( ) seriously though, I've talked to a few people that can pass emissions with flying colors with offroad H's (not to mention blowers, etc), so I don't see why they should be able to fine us for it..lame
  16. I have the Flowmaster 3 chamber mufflers, will the O/R H-Pipe make it louder and will it drone like 2 Chambers with the O/R pipe?
  17. I wish I could pass emissions with my H but I can't even stand behind my car when it's running with Cam2 in there.
  18. yeah, it'll probably drone. when I had my 3-chamber flows it would drone nicely at about 1800-2000 rpm. but then again, every car is different
  19. Kurt2002

    Depends on which 3 ch flows you have. I have the delta's. Very little drone at 1800-2000 rpms.

    If you have the old 3 ch flows, you will have a noticable drone.
  20. MAC PROCHAMBER! Most badass sound and largest power gains over stock. 'Nuff said.