h pipe vs an x pipe

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  1. talking with several exhaust shops that have done work on multiple race cars, i have come to the following conclusion:

    h pipes are best for cars with chambered mufflers and x pipes are best for cars with flow-through mufflers.

    to locate where to join the two banks: with a wax crayon, draw a very thick line down the pipes starting after the header collectors for three to four feet. allow the car to idle for several minutes. tie the pipes in where the wax melts/burns the most.

    if this is correct, im just passing along wisdom. if im wrong, (it wont be the first) correct me so i can learn from you.
  2. Sounds right to me. But i have neither a h-pipe or a x-pipe :shrug:
  3. Sound wise this is true.

    Sounds about right. :nice:
  4. Magnaflow rep here-

    You are correct on the crayon part-

    Here is the way it goes-

    X pipes make more power then H pipes, if the X pipes are designed properly....

    A straight through muffler will allow an X to be more effective, while a chambered muffler will allow an H to be more effective

    An X with a chambered muffler will still make more power then an H with a chambered muffler though....

    Some Xs are high pitched and raspy, some are a little deeper and sound more like H pipes