H-Pipe? X-pipe?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by custom89stang, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Okay, I wanna get either an off-road h-pipe or x-pipe, both are around the same price ($1XX). I heard that an h-pipe is louder than an x-pipe? So i was leaning that way. What kind of Torque and HP gains can i expect with each? What are common installation issues with each? Do i need MIL eliminators? I have an 1989 5.0. My current mods are just cold air intake and flowmasters out back. Thanks everyone
  2. I'll recommend the same thing i recommend to everyone... Mac Prochamber. Good stuff :nice: I guarantee you'll love it.
  3. power difference will be negligible. You do not need MILS. They are only used on the newer musatngs, with OBD crap or whatever its called.

    H pipes will tend to have more of a rumble and the x will be kinda sorta raspy. H pipes and 2 chambers sound great together. I had them, but so did everyone else. thats why i swapped mufflers.

    check out mustangexhaust.com and hear some sound clips. i think the password they ask for is like 123
  4. Try doing a search, this is covered almost weekly.

    But ill throw my .02 in. I'd go with an x-pipe personally (though i've never heard a prochamber in real life) as i prefer the sound. Also seems to take out most of the drone associated with flows and other chambered mufflers. Sounds amazing in the higher RPM's.

  5. I live in Berlin and frequently drive through Meriden. I have a Prochamber on my car, so you might have heard one in real life afterall!

    I agree, Prochamber! :nice:
  6. you can click on my sig for an x-pipe,
  7. What color's your car? There's quite a few foxes around here.