Suspension H&R Super Sports w/o CC Plates

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  1. I am seriously considering buying a set of h&r ss lowering springs for the stang when I order some new rear tires from AM. The thing is, I won't get the mm cc plates (yet). Who has installed these springs on their ride along with upper and lower iso's and did not get it aligned and did not put cc plates on? I understand that it will eat the inside of my tires and what not, but I'm curious how many miles the front tires lasted and how the handling charectoristics were or are. I'm sick of it looking like a 4x4, and I have full intentions of adding cc plates, new d-spec tokicos, uca's and lca's, as well as a bump steer kit and probably the steedas x2 ball joints in the future. Unfortunately that isn't in my cards just yet. I will not wait to install the springs when i have the rest of the parts. So what issues am I looking at from just a spring swap? Also, when I put the 9in wheels up front, I noticed the alignment is off any way, the outside of the tires wore way more than he inside, so I welcome some temporary camber...
  2. That's me. No iso's and no CC plates, yet. The tilt of the wheel is barely noticeable, but noticeable. As far as tire wear is concerned, I haven't noticed any increased wear and I've been driving on them like this for over a year :shrug:
  3. I plan on installing the iso's, so hopefully the tilt will be reduced. Could you post up a couple of pics?
  4. I put the new iso's on and got my car aligned no CC plates though. That was two years ago and I'm not having any issues at all.
  5. I don't have any pics specifically showing the camber and I cant take since the car is away being built. I can tell you that my standing perpendicular to the fender, the bottom of the wheel is visible but the top isn't. I'd say it's a 5-10 degree tilt, not much.
  6. Just ordered... H&R Super Sport's w/ front and rear Iso's.... 2 Nitto 555r DR's... Autometer Column Guage Mount... and Innovate MTX-L wideband A/F ratio kit! Also going to do some minor maintenance such as an oil change with mobil 1 and a fmc oil filter.

    In respect to the wideband, I have LT's, where did those of you who have LT's have the o2 sensor bung welded on? I may put it on the x-pipe right behind the flange to connect to the collector, what do you guys think?
  7. e8ahetys.jpg H&R race, no iso's, no cc plates. With the iso's our cars are probably about the same heighth. That pic gives it a bit more camber than what it has. Believe it's around -1.25 degrees. Fords limit is -1.5 degrees.

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  8. 5-10 degree tilt?? LOL
  9. thats like .25 degree
  10. Innovate mtx-l is installed! I put it in the driver side l/t collector o2 sensor bung, clipped all the o2 sensor wires and hooked he narrowband sim up to the old o2 sensor plug. I know it's going to throw a code for the o2 htr but I don't care, I already have an ses light due to my dpfe sensor any way. Next tune I'm having the ses permanently turned off. Sick of lookin at it
  11. Also, h&r ss sprins & iso's are sitting on the work bench and nitto 555r's are in the garage.
  12. Ya, ya, ya. I meant a 100-110 d tilt, as in the angle it creates.
  13. Before: Before.JPG After:
  14. Looks great, Beautiful stang.
  15. Very nice...

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  16. Good thread, I planed on buying the same springs but was gonna buy the CC plates also along with a set of new wheels and tires. On my 96' GT I replaced the stock 17"s with a set of 17 bullets and installed a set of FRPP "B" springs ans had slight tire wear on the inside. This was after a new rack and pinion, new outer tie rods and lower ball joints with an alignment done after everything including the springs and wheels installed. I figured if I was getting slight tire wear with the lowly B springs then surely anything lower would cause tire wear to be worse.

    I will still likely buy the CC plates any way.