Fuel Had Filler Neck Grommet Replaced, Now I Smell Gas

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by maxvelocity, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    I dropped my fuel tank to replace my fuel pump on m 98 GT, and in the process lost pieces of my fuel filler neck grommet into the tank. I tried to clean the tank out myself. I am in NC and have no garage to work in, and was laying on the dirt driveway being eaten to pieces by fire ants. I found a local garage that flushed my tank and put everything back together for $60. WELL WORTH IT!

    However, when I got it back, there was a strong gas smell coming from the trunk and the gas cap was not attached to the car. I took each screw (3) out of the filler neck at the filler door to see if one was longer than the rest to accommodate the gas cap retainer. No luck. I can not seem to find where the gas cap tether attaches. I looked at the filler neck for any holes and it looks ok. I even wrapped it with duct tape to help eliminate it as a source of smell.

    I know it's my fault since I took it apart, but it is diving me nuts! BTW..I even put rtv where the filler neck meets the metal (coated the old gasket for peace of mind).
  2. Thanks for the video. Unfortunately the car in the video did not show how the gas cap tether is attached; it was already broken off.
    The vapor line also appears ok on mine.
  3. Look around on www.latemodelrestoration.com

    Search for the specific part that you're looking for and see if they have a video that covers the cap itself.
  4. Help me understand. Did you use a NEW filler neck grommet or re-use the old grommet and attempted to seal with RTV?

    Gas parts are very hard on rubber parts. Sealants use must be compatible with gas. IMO if the filler neck grommet was reused, likely this is the source of the gas smell.
  5. LOL sorry for the confusion-new grommet, rtv where the filler neck meets the filler box (top of filler neck where the three screws go).