Had my stereo stolen...

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  1. Had a bit of a rude awakening yesterday morning...one of our upstairs neighbors came banging on our door at 6:30 am...my girlfriend got there first; and he told her that my car had been broken into (along with 8 others in the lot) and my stereo was taken. So I got dressed and went out to assess...cops were already on-site, taking everybody's information...I get out there and see that the thieves had popped my lock, taken the dash apart, and took the stereo out. They rummaged through my glovebox and console also taking the little flashlight and tire pressure gauge I had.

    The stereo was nice, it was a Kenwood DNX6140...touchscreen, DVD, Navigation, Bluetooth, etc. Thieves didn't rip anything out, they "carefully" disconnected everything so no wiring was hacked or anything like that. They knew what they were doing.

    All the other cars actually had their windows smashed out so they could get in. Really sucks for them. All the vehicles targeted had or looked like they had premium stereo equipment in them...there was one guy with a Civic that had big aftermarket wheels on it and some "bling"...his window was smashed but nothing taken out because he had factory stuff in his car.

    I was the only one in the group that had the serial number of my stereo...the police said they'd be alerted if it showed up at a pawn shop.

    Heck of a way to start the day yesterday.
  2. Man, that sucks. I HATE a damn thief! So is your insurance going to cover it?