haha, look at this!

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  1. I got on and IM'ed this guy I know tyler, and he has a 1990 vert with 2.3T swap and 5-speed. He posts as tvinson86 on here every once in awhile. It sounds like his car had a gillis valve already on it.

    Check this out... :D

    FoxMustang02: sumerduck....sumerduck...
    Chawbacon666: ok
    FoxMustang02: you should bring your car. I think I'm running the neon this time
    Chawbacon666: i had my boost valve blow dude
    Chawbacon666: it exploded, john accidentally set it to 20 psi
    FoxMustang02: god you guys are fu**in tards. Now what?
    FoxMustang02: what does the car run at now
    Chawbacon666: like a day and a half 1/8
    FoxMustang02: what?
    Chawbacon666: really slow
    FoxMustang02: oh
    FoxMustang02: how much psi
    Chawbacon666: 1
    Chawbacon666: at the most, the whole boost valve it open
    FoxMustang02: damn you guys suck. now you gotta buy a ric gillis valve for like 50 bucks
    Chawbacon666: i know
    FoxMustang02: now I really could smoke you with my n/a 2.3!
    Chawbacon666: yah, u could
    FoxMustang02: I don't understand though, it just blew apart?
    Chawbacon666: yeah, wel, the screw thing flew out
    FoxMustang02: you can't screw it back in?
    Chawbacon666: it flew out, and hit the road
    FoxMustang02: LOL

    Hey matt, I almost had him convinced to go thursday but now I guess it's not worth his time. :lol:
  2. :shrug: setting it at 20 psi shouldn't make that happen. I've seen as much as 26psi with hybrid the gillis is fine. The more boost you run, the further the valve is screwed "in". You said the boost guage never registered vacuum at all, so I would either get another gauge or check the location of the vacuum source.
    I've never had a wastegate problem but 1psi sounds like it to me if everything else is ok.
    sumerduck....sumerduck there's also something there slower...except for who ever is the slowest:rlaugh:
  3. Well then.....John probably wouldn't be working on it for me then.
    Have I met John?
    continue explaining to him if he brings the car to me I can help. Its too far of a drive for the amount of time I have right now.
  4. No you haven't met him. John is his next door neighbor I think. I'll try to tell him to come to the track anyway so you could at least check it out.
  5. Sounds like they didn't set the lock nut...
  6. I bet you that was it. :nonono:
  7. yeah thats fine maybe I can at least look at it.....Tell him the fee for me looking at it is he has to buy me a bag o' ice.:D
  8. Lock nut??? AWWW.....is it that important:shrug:

  9. I thought you couldn't ice it anymore 'cause of the volvo cooler. Let me guess, you built some kind of "fmic icer" thing didn't you? :p