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  1. I hate people who start stuff on the computer and who act like a kid then call me a 15 year old. Dude the only reason you start on the computer is because you cant do it in real life. Why do people want to pick fights why not be friends because i know if you took a flight to pittsburgh this "15" year old would knock your block peace.

    You want me to act like a kid i will?
  2. hmmm, you hate people that talk **** online and then do it yourself..... :rolleyes:
  3. No matter what you do in this forum you always get something said about you. I apoligize for the writing before i know it was annoying didnt mean to do that.
  4. Once again this does not belong here this should be moved to the talk forum. (or deleted).
  5. hey i'm only a 15 year old kid. i don't act like that. I hate all these stereotypes out there. like all the kids wan't hondas. god i'm not like that at all. :mad:
    i just want my stang and i wan't every one to leave me alone so I can get some quality video game time in between school work and hockey. :nice:
  6. i'm only 15 too, no big deal :shrug:
  7. Indeed. :nonono: