HAHAHA... 4k to spend of sally

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  1. Well this morning I won 4k on the radio for a question about the army.. I answered it and won the money. I just got back from picking up my check... Now help me spend it. Also I have a nice back payment from the army going at the first of the month. So I should have about 6k to spend. I have no bills other then 50 a month for a phone and 50 a month for insure, nothing else. So help me spend it on the cobra. I got the body worked payed. But I really don't know what else to get..... HEHEHEHHE I know you guys can help..
  2. Place it in the bank for when you really have to have something.
  3. damn...u already have a dart and a blower lol... I accept donations :shrug:
  4. buy a Daily Driver so you can give your buddy his car back? :D

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  5. :lol:

    Or make your LX able to start again :shrug: Something like that; function over piles of cool stuff.
  6. throw a turbo on that F 150

  7. hahahhaha I know some one would ask. But the lx is on the side now. I guess I could stop being dumb and go buy a daliy driver. But what cool stuff can I blow it on??
  8. black interior?...terminator downpayment?...restoring the cobra?...turbo? So many choices...too mad its not my money! lol :nice:
  9. I just gave you a High-5. Put it in the bank for something later on. You know how it is you will spend it and the next day you will find the car of your dreams for what money you had the day before or a little less. And if you dont spend it you won't be able to find anything that you really want.
  10. Get that Cobra back to to its previous virginity, and dont touch it after that!!!! Those cars are gonna be worth even more mad money than they already are.
  11. Karma at work folks
  12. Well I actually think the Anti-Dub club members would like a nice donation(me and lyncher basically) I want to sell my DD to get a mustang DD, Guy is looking at it tonight!
  13. ...hmm well since I am the original founding member, I think its only fair that we split all donations 60 40..me getting 60, and im not even sure u deserve that 40 after that sick joke u played on :SNSign: :rlaugh:
  14. damn wish i could win 4k
  15. set aside half of it for taxes? Isnt the non-taxable prize winning amount about 3k?
  16. True that lyncher... lol

    Anyway what was the Q?
  17. Well I going to put 2,500 to the side so if I find something for the stangs I can buy it then. And 2k to spend at the boob house this weekend!!! hehehehe
    And 1,500 in bank for spending cash. But If some one comes up with something cool I just might blow it all..:rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Almost I don't pay taxes on it because I'm in the army.. Little side bonus of being in the army:D
  18. get your car professionally detailed and steam cleaned

    buy a 30" lcd computer monitor

    a new leather jacket

    laser eye surgery

    stainless steel fridge and microwave

    bbq+ 4 1.1kg steaks and montreal steak spice

    buy mutual funds stocks or 401k?