HAHAHAHAHA....funny pic of rmustang dave...

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  1. whats up guys...i was doin a PI swap on my buddies98 gt with him and another guy we call mustang dave cause hes only 22 and has had like 8 mustangs......so heres a funny pic of him....sry for teh size....camera phone :cheers:
    its like he fell in the big gulley on the 4.6 motors where the intake goes in :rlaugh:
  2. wheres teh pic
  3. its not workin now but i dont know how to delete a thread........... :shrug:
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  8. Still no pic....
  9. yea i know i cant get it to work......thats why after the 2nd post from super302, i asked him how to delete a thread, but no one told me how......but lemme paint a picture for ya....its a 300lb guy who looks like hes being eaten by the engine on a 98 gt......hes leaning over teh fender, and his legs are way up in the air... :rlaugh:
  10. email me the picture shttbag :rlaugh:
    and i'll post it :nice:
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