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  1. Well my friends, sally (at least part of her) is ready for Trick or Treating.......hopefully we get some good stuff!:lol:


    And here's the rest of her, all snug for winter.........:


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  2. are you going as the old ugly guy again this year?
  3. Thats not a good sight
  4. Heart breaking isn't it? Seeing a beauty all wrapped up. It's just too damned cool and wet to be playing outside in the driveway. Next project after the engine will be the passenger door reskinning and the tranny clean-up.
  5. Well it might be cold but at least you still have a few projects to work on.

  6. i think a worth costume would get u more candy
  7. WOW Dan! That is some costume, it looks almost life-like!:lol:

    Just a few.......I've also got a mounting pile of parts to sort thru....what to junk, what is usable, swap meet, sale, etc., etc........:crazy:

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  8. I decorate my yard every year I love halloween.

    Here's what happens to mechanics that mess up my cars.

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  9. happy halloweenie!!!!
  10. Happy Haloween

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  11. Happy holloween guys!
  12. NACHO Libre!!:lol:

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  13. YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I dressed up as the most wicked evil creature there is, besides a scorned woman... I went as Middle Management... :D

    Great costumes though folks.

    Happy All Hollow's Eve
  15. I like the weekend before halloween better than i like the day of halloween, The partays happen the weekend before. All those punk kids come by my apartment on the day of halloween, by 10 tonight im going to be yelling at the door.
  16. Jeeeeeze, don't even go there - you remind me too much of the Big Blue Q! :mad:

    It's 8:45PM, I've been home just a little over an hour (after the misguided end-of-the-month follies of the middle management of my employer). By the time I got here, pretty much nobody came by to Trick-or-Treat...... now we're stuck with four bags of uneaten Twix', Snickers', Three Muskteers' and Milky Way bars! :doh:
  17. Well Gosh Darn, now what are you goin to do with all those treats.