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  1. :D I love how no one came to our house this year for that very reason
  2. Well, since I ate up all the popcorn in the house while reading/watching/adding to the "Andy and Jamie" movie; I'm in need of some more munchies....... :D
  3. Middle Management Beast strikes again MUAHAHAHAHA!!! :nonono:

    Oh and DIBS on the Three Muskteers... :flag:
  4. I don't think so, Buckwheat! Those "whipped milk chocolate confectionaries" are MINE! Even though guys in your arena ultimately live or die based upon the actions of guys in my arena; you're not really foolish enough to think that I'm going to trust you, do you? :nono:
    There's only one guy (lower management) that I ultimately trust in my organization; and he doesn't really like to be in the job he's in (which is why I trust him, among other reasons). ;-)
  5. I'm not actually middle management, I just play one on Halloween. :) That's the scariest thing that I can think of... Makes people run screaming from the building. :D
  6. So does a 6'3" 235# RN with a five o'clock shadow carrying an enema in one hand and a foley in the other!:D
  7. :lol: :rlaugh:

    I work at a hospital too.... :rlaugh:
  8. Happy late Halloween.


  9. The really scarey part is that FUZZY is not referring to himself; but rather one of his female coworkers! :p

    But I hear she really likes you, Fritz :rlaugh:

    Sorry, ol' pal; they can't all be nicely-endowed little Hungarian blondes :D :D :D
  10. 'Chelle,

    GREAT Costume!!!
  11. MEeeeeOw!
  12. Hello Kitty. :)

    Great looking costume.
  13. Thanks. :D

    I wore a more simplified version to work and accidently scared one of the residents (I work in a nursing home), but most of them kept talking about the big orange kitty.

  14. Zowsers, Chelle! I was kinda tired last night - didn't even wait for all the pictures to pop up (stinkin' dialup). Never would have recognized you - great costume!
  15. :rlaugh:
    Don't feel bad, our residents would've reacted the same way!!!:lol:
  16. One of them asked me if I was real.

  17. They were on the good meds... :D
  18. LOL. Yeah, sometimes it's like working around a bunch of drunks.

    Little old lady (after lunch): I want to give the cook something.
    Me: Okay, what do you want to give her?
    Little old lady: HELL!!!! That's what!!! That meal was horrible!!! ::rolls off down the hall::
    Me::eek: Um . . . okay . . .

    Of course the same lady thinks her name is Microwave, Montana, Montclaire, Melody, MVP, various made up words, etc and orange juice is "majestic juice".

  19. I dressed up as Speed Racer, but dad hasn't taken the pics out of the camera yet.
  20. That dirty old man just wanted to pet you!:nono: