Handling Bumps On Freshly Painted Hood

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  1. I took my '11 into a shop to handle some rock chips on my bumper and hood. I was advised that they needed to take the graphics off the hood as they wanted to clear coat the hood so the repair areas would be less likely to be visible. After removing the graphics, they found the paint to be curdling up in those areas. I was told they felt they didn't do a good job of removing the adhesive, so they sanded more, primed, and applied more paint and clear coat.

    It looked good when I picked it up, but after I got home, I noticed a white film on several parts of the hood. When I put my hand in a plastic bag to check for surface roughness, I found a considerable amount of bumps on the area where the graphics were.

    Since the paint is only 6 days old, I am wondering if any readers might advise me how to remove the film and bumps - rubbing compound? If so, I was thinking it might be a little premature as the paint is probably too soft. I won't bring my car back to these guys to fix it.
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  3. goo gone?
  4. I took the car back to the paint shop. They are going to repaint the hood again. Should look perfect ---- We'll see....
  5. If not throw a shoe at em. Sounds like they probably just didn't do a good job the first time. Hopefully they get it right the second.
  6. Hope so. I am particular as I keep my car up. Taking it back Thursday AM. I'm going to the SVT Superfest at Virginia Raceway next week and want to have it looking good. It's a 3 day track event, so should be way fun. Got a Roush pro to take me around as a passenger - see how fast the pros can do it.