Handz 2.1 Kenne Bell Install *Lots of Pics*

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  1. I honestly never thought I was gonna get a supercharger for my mustang. I kept seeing all these kits for centrifugal superchargers for years and always wanted to slap one on my mustang.... but i always thought they didnt look as clean, or I always heard of issues installing and wanted something that was clean.

    .... Then the Tork Tech Kit came out.... I knew I had to have a positive displacement supercharger on my stang... So I began saving. I did many side jobs and things to gather the funds to begin supercharging my stang.

    Well, after much research I decide the tork tech kit was WAY too much hassle of install and not being smog legal (since i live in CA). So I eventually purchased a FRPP SVO supercharger on the internet with intent of install in on my NPI Mustang motor.... but I knew that going with a non-intercooled kit was gonna be hassle with the CA heat So i sold the SVO Supercharger and swapped in a PI motor from a 2001 GT.

    ....Then I started thinking about a Kenne Bell....

    Now that I had a PI motor, the possibilities opened up WAY more because I could run PI head positive displacement superchargers!!!!

    Since 2006, I have always eyballed GDAWG’s set up on Stangnet.com. He got the 1.7 Kit and I was totally impressed with the results and the fit/finish.



    This thread by BigBoy05 REALLY made me seal the deal on buying the Kenne Bell when i saw how clean the new 2.1 Big Bore kits are.... I knew I had to get one.

    kenne bell install started today!

    Kenne Bell discontinued the NPI manifold for their superchargers which means no 96-98 mustang could run a Kenne Bell without PI heads or a PI motor. Just my luck that I had swapped in a 2001 PI motor in my stang!!! Since Kenne bell was about 45 mins from my house, I drove there and asked some questions. I found out they have a everything for a 96-98 GT to run the 2.1 Big Bore EXCEPT the manifold. They had all the brackets, lines, hoses, and other goodies in stock. So, Kenne bell would sell me the 2.1 Big Bore for the PI motor with all the accessories, instructions, and other goodies for a 1998!!! This made it perfect for me, so after many phone calls with Kenne Bell and a few drives over to there headquarters I made the purchase of the bad boy!!!

    I placed the order over the phone for will-call pick up. Kenne Bell let me pay when I picked up the package. It took Kenne Bell about 4 days to get the kit together since these kits are assembled made to order. They called me the day it was ready and I picked it up on a friday I had off work.

    Kenne Bell informed me that I didnt need a fuel pump upgrade, but since i wanted something that would support more power in the future i decided to go with the biggest direct drop in fuel pump Ford offers, the Lincoln Aviator Fuel Pump. According to many internet threads, the Aviator pump flows 310lbs of fuel compared to the SVT Focus pump that flows 255lbs. I placed the order for the pump from Tousely Ford who sells OEM ford parts 10% over cost. Kenne Bell upgraded me to the 40amp Boost-a-Pump because the larger unit is need to support the Aviator Pump and how much power it draws.

    The only modification done to the supercharger was to drill and tap a 3/8-18 NPT hole by the thermostat for the second coolant temp sensor since the 99-04 GT’s have only 1 coolant sensor. I took this to a shop up the street from my house that had the tap and they did it very quickly for me. Once this was done I was ready for install. I used GDAWG’s pictures of his 1.7 KB to determine the exact place the hole needed to be drilled.

    Getting The Coolant Hole Drilled and Tapped



    Hole Completed


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  2. Now it was time to install the Aviator fuel pump. The Aviator pump is a direct drop in for 98-04 GTs... Luckily my car is a 98 so it drops right in!!! The Aviator pump comes as an assembly with all the wiring and stuff from the Lincoln so to install the pump in a mustang all you need to do is disassemble the unit and the remove the pump itself. Everything else is trash.


    The pump inside the unit.



    Part number barcode on the entire Lincoln Aviator Assembly


    I had a spare fuel bucket assembly from a 2001 GT so i took that unit apart and used the newer pump filter screen and rubber base support and assembled the Aviator pump to go in the mustang tank.

    Assembled Aviator pump for 1998 Mustang.



    Left=Stock 1998 Pump, Right=2004 Lincoln Aviator Pump



    The pump install was straight forward like the OEM manual stated. I didnt gets pics of the pump going in the tank because i didnt wanna get gas on my DSLR. Pump went in straight forward.

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  3. Now To the Kenne Bell!!!!


    2001 4.6 PI Motor *Stock*
    FRPP 9mm Wires
    MSD Ignition Coils
    2004 Cobra Aluminum Radiator

    Kenne Bell 2.1 Big Bore Twin Screw Intercooled Supercharger *9 PSI*
    Kenne Bell 160 T-Stat
    Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
    Kenne Bell Big Air Intake Kit
    Lightning 90mm MAF
    40amp Boost-a-Pump
    Lincoln Aviator Fuel Pump
    NGK TR6 Spark Plugs







    The Kenne Bell originally came with black tape covering the intake ports but since i removedthe tape to drill the coolant sensor hole, i recovered with 3M blue painters tape.









    Accufab 75mm Throttle Body. Quality is extremely high Quality. Amazing Piece.



    Kenne Bell Paperwork. The most detailed instructions ever for the ultimate supercharger kit!!!




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  4. Congrats on the big purchase
  5. a thing of beauty!!!
  6. Nice setup handz!
  7. Nice. When is the install going to happen?
  8. Removed the Hood from the car to make the install much easier.


    Fenders tape up and ready to work!!! Blue Painters tape makes the best fender covers for working!!! Saved my paint from many scratches.


    This is the step everyone said was the hardest part..... But it ended up being SUPER Easy. I think it was hard for most people because they didnt remove the hood. The hood being removed make life VERY easy!!! Coolant valley tube bolt on back of block.


    All prep’d and ready for the Twin Screw!!!


    Kenne Bell CAI Filter is HUGE. Shocked me when i saw it. I even wonder myself how it fit in the fender. It fills up the fender completely.


    Finally finished the install on Day 4. Took my time to make all the wires clean and solder all the wire extensions. I also spend alot of extra time cutting and routing all the wires for the cleanest install possible.



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  9. looks good handz, I bet she's fun as hell to drive!
  10. Looks good. Are you just using Kenne Bells can tune that they send with the kit for now? I would highly suggest putting a wideband in the car. They are cheap insurance.
  11. I said No to the kenne bell tune and had them subtract $300 from the total of the kit. I bought an XCAL3 and had the car tuned by [email protected] in Downey CA. Mad TQ
  12. #'s?
  13. What are the #'s after the tune!
  14. Im definitely doing the 1.7 Kenne Bell when I finally finish college and get a real job. Congrats on the purchase I am very envious haha. Now you have a clean car that's fast!
  15. Why the 1.7? Kb doesnt make that blower anymore not since they started making everything in house. Your choices are either the 2.1 or the 2.6.
  16. Looks good Handz. I always liked your car. Very clean and tastefully modded.
  17. Looks good.

    Please don't take this as criticism, i'm just trying to give you a possible heads up. That convoluted tubing you have on the upper radiator tube, right by the pulley, is in a different place on my car. It may be because mine is an 04 and yours is a 98, but just in case, you may want to check the clearance between the inter-cooler reservoir and the radiator hose. After driving for about a year, i was cleaning up my engine bay and discovered that my radiator hose was chaffing on the reservoir right by the first bend out of the radiator. I slid the convoluted tubing down and the problem was solved. What kind of numbers did you end up with? What is your A/F Ratio and how much timing did they put in the tune at WOT?
  18. That looks awesome. Anyone spot me $5000?
  19. We demand dyno numbers!
  20. I'll guess 407RWHP and 420RWTQ