Handz 2.1 Kenne Bell Install *Lots of Pics*

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  1. Cheater.

    I'm gonna say less than 400 once SAE corrected.

  2. it will be pretty close to that. I made 412rwhp and 427rwtq on 9psi. very conservative tune too
  3. I looked up what he made over on SN95 forums :banana:
  4. Time for the Custom Dyno Tune!!! Thanks to Greg at Racer’s Edge Tuning, My car runs AMAZING. I let RET know that I drive the car ALOT of DD the vehicle so he gave me a very good street tune. Numbers were 407/420!!! Thats more than a stock 03/04 Cobra!!! I gotta go back and get the dyno sheet print out from the computer so i can host it as a JPEG.


    RESULTS: The car feels AMAZING. The blower has turned the car into a whole different animal. The instant torque off the line is just scary. I can start off in 2nd gear and do a full on burn-out lol. By the time you look at the boost gauge you are already well over 100 MPH. Its very scary fast. If you just press the gas in first gear too much you will spin the wheels instantly. Freeway pulls are incredible. Overtaking people is a blast lol.

    The drivability is excellent. You can dive the car around all day without seeing any boost. Its like driving a regular car till you get on the loud pedal. The bypass valve makes crazy sounds as it opens under normal driving. sounds like a jet. I am honestly so impressed with the quality and the power of this kit. Kenne Bell Twin Screw FTMFW.

    I am so Very glad I didnt go with the procharger, because the Kenne Bell is the best thing I have ever bought for my car!!

    Engine Pics!!









    Just a Few Exterior Pics!!!




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  5. Handz, your making me want a PD blower again. :mad:
  6. Handz, how many miles does your engine have? I've been saving for one of these. My engine is getting close to 90k.
  7. My car has 161k miles and I am making more power than him. You will be fine.
  8. I didnt realize that they stopped making the 1.7 supercharger... Well I guess its either the 2.1 or 2.6. I was going to spend more time figuring out which ones I was going to pick once I can get the car paid off and get a real job after college:(.
  9. This thread is making me beg and whimper like a little dog wanting one.. I can't imagine putting your foot down in your car with a new KB sitting on top the motor
  10. The torque with the KB is insane. No BS lag like Turbos or Centri S/C's.

    1st gear is a joke and I spin instantly. 2nd gear is pretty much spin also unless i half throttle it. 3rd gear is more usable.

    I love the instant boost. the kit has a 9psi pulley but most of the time I am boosting 10.11 PSI because I have a bigger TB, Big air kit, and the Lightning MAF.

    It literally feels like I installed a big block in the car.
  11. Shhhssshh... My bank account can't take much more of this talk!
  12. What gears are you running in it?
  13. Time for more suspension work, and better tires.
  14. I already have my suspension complete with mostly MM Parts and also a Built Rear end with a Auburn Pro LSD and FRPP 3.73s
  15. I've always been a HUGEEEEE fan of your car, This just makes me MORE of a fan :nice:

    Keep it up handz, Love what you've done with the car.. Tasteful mods FTW
  16. looks awesome. always been a fan of your car. now its very well rounded.
  17. You just brought your stang to the next level. Sick install!:nice:
  18. Just got some NT05's install to replace my 555's The car grips VERY hard now and i am feeling the full potential of the car.

    Without a doubt, this is the best mod I have ever installed.....EVER.
  19. I want a pair of those. Cold storage worries me though.
  20. Very nice! Congrats on the build and the car looks great! If you are in to drugs, take a look at some meth.:D