Handz 2.1 Kenne Bell Install *Lots of Pics*

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  1. Kenne Bell Updated Pulley Install

    Well, about 1,000 miles after install, I started to experience a noise when the car was cold. I could swear i could hear it in the supercharger. I was worried something might be wrong cause it was only when the car was started from a DEAD cold like in the morning or late at night. I could plus a wooden stick on the Supercharger Inlet and here the squeak. As soon as the car got warm the squeak disappeared.

    I realized it was most likely NOT the Supercharger so i started checking other things. My Idler and tensioner are both OEM Ford with less than 10,000 miles on them So i doubted that was the issue. I took off the Alternator and noticed the bearing was making a noise. The Alternator was OEM ford and had a lifetime warranty so i got a brand new one to replace the squeaking alternator. I also installed a Brand new belt to eliminate that from the equation.

    Well, Niether of those find the problem and i still had the squeak.

    I decided after swapping EVERYTHING with all new pulleys, I called Kenne Bell and told them i might have squeaking Idler pulleys for the supercharger. After a little talk, we found out my Kit came with the Old style Idlers that are known to squeak after a while.

    Kenne Bell told me they had new Updated pulley they could hook me up with. So, I took a drive down to Kenne Bell Headquarters and picked up the New Pulleys. The new ones are Double Bearing and and more heavy duty. The older pulley had failed and the bearing had started to leak the grease out causing squeak.

    I have almost 2,000 miles on these idlers and they work Great so far!!! I really wanna try and get some METCO idlers if i can get some custom made just cause i know they look great.

    New Kenne Bell Idlers




    Idler Set up with the Custom KB Spacers


    Left = Updated KB Idlers, Right = Old KB Idler


    Old Idlers Removed


    Installing New Idlers


  2. Cool.

    Now build a motor and turn up the boost.
  3. Maybe in a year. I might just turn up the boost on this motor lol
  4. Might as well. If it blows up, then you have an excuse for a built motor.
  5. I wanna turn the boost from #9 to #10 pulley. My Tuner says not to get greedy cause my set up is 1005 reliable right now.
  6. With the colder temps at night, how much boost are you seeing?
  7. During the day, even over 80 degrees I am boosting 10PSI PSI with #9 Pulley cause i have the 90MM maf, 75mm TB, and KB Big Ass Intake.

    At night when it cools down i am seeing 11PSI on my gauge. :nice:
  8. Nice. What are the temps like at night over there on the west coast?
  9. mid to high 60's. gets high 50's its really cold.

    The other night it was 50 outside, boosted 11.5 PSI
  10. Sweet. I have actually thought about putting a KB on my car once my track car gets closer to being done. Seems like a fun set up for every day use.

    Other than the idler pulley, have you had any more trouble?
  11. Just 2 things. very small.

    One of the holes was tapped too big on the intake and a hose barb kept falling out. It was KB bad when drilling the hole too big. KB Gave me a new one.

    I also had a loose fitting on the I/C tank which cause a small leak. Defecting tank. Someone else makes the IC takes for KB. They gave me a new one.
  12. So nothing out of pocket for you? Nice.
  13. Of course. Nothing out of my pocket because the kit is under warranty. They replaced everything cause it was not my fault.

    Kenne Bell service is top notch. When i purchased the kit they gave me the T/B for free. When I went a picked up the pulleys, i got a free twin screw t-shirt.
  14. Thats good. I know someone who bought an on 3 turbo kit and the MAF went out. The kits under warranty so they called on 3 and asked them about it. They said they don't make the MAF, so they gave them the companies number and said call them and let them deal with it.

    Just making sure KB isn't like that.
  15. I would rate KB's service as VERY high quality.

    The only problem is KB only has like 2 phones, so they are always busy when you call. Usually take me 4 or 5 times to get through an answer cause there lines are always busy. Guess they are doing well business wise lol
  16. Very Nice mustang. Makes me want to put a kb supercharger on my 00 gt. How much did everything end up costing you ? And were exactly are you located ? I wouldnt mind seeing up close your car.
  17. What the flying fu**. When did you do this.. and where was i? I never knew. You lucky bastard!

    any vids?
  18. You should have been paying attention twista lol. I did this back in august and have put almost 4,000 miles of smiles on the blower :)

    Twin Screw Is Heaven. :nice:
  19. Hah grats. I never seen it coming. Your the suspension and detail guy. Now hell you look good (the car) and move out with the quickness :eek:

    Did your brother ever get another mustang? I know you had to rip his old one apart
  20. My bro still hasnt gotten another mustang cause he is lazy. He need to save a little more cash. He is driving a Grand Marque right now because my dad got a new car and gave him his Mercury.... has a 4.6 :D

    At least now with the Kenne Bell i wont get those "your car is so clean but slow" comments because the car has more power than most on the board hahaha. Centri guys are envious of the twin screw.