Hanging Idle

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  1. I have just completed a 331 build in my 1995 mustang here is a brief rundown AFR heads Trick flow intake x 303 cam 75MM BBK throttle body 5 speed MSD dist 10-1 compression. The motor surges to 2000 and comes down slowly to 900 The car hangs between shifits and the idle is poor, The car has been at the tuner for a week still the same any suggestions very frustrating can't drive as it stalls.
  2. If you don't have any mechanical stuff goin on such as v leaks,
    faulty parts such as isc and the like

    then ... the next q would be .......

    Do ya have confidence in this tuner :shrug:

    Did he give it back to you in that condition with no explanation :eek:

  3. Haing idle


    Tuner still has car had is for a week. Put in new ecu still hangs and stalls What is ISC this is my first computer build Everything on this build is new except original 302 block bored .030. This is the second tuner the tuner that the car is now at thinks it may be in the throttle body he changed my 75mm BBK and put on a ford motor sport can't road test rain in mi and he was closing for the weekend
  4. Grady

    Looks like you have a 95 any of the same problems??? We purchased this car new family car that is in show room cond spent$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on bulid fast but won't idle hangs ans somtimes will stall

    x303 cam

    AFR 185
    Trick Flow Intake
    BBK 75MM TB
    MSD 5 speed 373
  5. ISC is idle speed controller

    Yes I also got a little 95GT :nice:

    I self tune ... so ... Any problems I got with my tuner :eek:

    Well ... Lets just say ... He always does things ... My Way ;)

  6. Like was aid the main cause is usually a vacuum leak. The second main cause is that the IAC is at or near it's limit of travel, usually because of a new TB - for that, set the TB to factory idle spec and do an IAC and TPS reset.
  7. Im having the same problem. When I hit the clutch at 2500 RPM it will idle up to about 3200-3500RPM for a couple seconds and then idle down. What is the IAC and how do you reset it?