Mach 1 Hanging rpm's fix & pics

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 34Ford, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Mach1Canuck shows over on the mach1regisrty how to fix the hanging or slow to return to idle rpm problem.

    Click here for his instructions

    So I thought I would give it a try.
    And sure enough it worked! Finally.

    He said you need to remove the shaker, but you dont need to.
    I made my plate out of some aluminum roof flashing just to see if it worked.
    I have the ability to make these out of alumunium or stainless by the thousands in a matter of minutes where I work and any thickness.

    Anyway here is 6 pics of the install.

  2. I saw his post... but thanks for the pics.... :nice:

    Any chance of you sending one of those up to NH :D
  3. I am working on the cad today for the laser to cut them.
    Ill will post when I get some.

    I think stainless would be the nicest.
    Did they ever get any pics over there on the registry?
  4. I posted your link, I didn't want to rip it off. Nice job with the graphics. Let me know if you make some.

  5. Hi ttown, No problem, anyway I can help the Mach owners. :D

    I asked the owner if he could cut me some a little while ago. I will check them for fit and will post when I get good pieces.


  6. Cool, let us know.... :nice:
  7. Sweet, I didn't really notice the hanging RPM's until I was actually looking for it... but sure enough it is there.

    I have never driven a carb'ed car... so that might have had a little bit to do with it.

    Anyway, I would also like to be kept up to date on this.... I would make one myself but I don't have any kind of dremel to make sure that it has nice rounded edges.

    I am sure someone could sell them for around $10 shipped (maybe more for higher quality metal) and still make a few pennies on it.
  8. Well lets see :rolleyes:

    How does this look?


    This is with a 9/32" hole in it. That way if you feel its just a tad to small you can open it up.
    I dont drive mine enough to feel I'm totaly happy with it, but I did notice when I came to a stop that the rpm's was a little high at 1000rpm. Then it dropped to normal.

    So I have opened mine up to 5/16" but I haven't tried it out yet. I generally dont get the Mach out except to go to our car club shows on Friday nights. :D

    Oh BTW, this is .028" thick laser cut stainless. Very stiff. I have used this material also for bumper letters. :nice:
  9. I would be interested in buying one if they are available. I like the laser cut version you're showing better than cutting one out with tin snips
  10. 34Ford, what kind of intake is that you have pictured in your pics?

    Are you pleased with it, and does it connect the shaker duct properly?

    What did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking?

    Just a few questions I had, I'm looking around the market right now an intake and I like the K&N kit right now, but yours is very appealing.

    Please let me know.

  11. MRT sells them. Here is more info in this thread.
  12. The nice thing about it being lasered is its flat.

    Not sure if I can discuss price on the forums or not.

    Send me a email or PM.
    Only thing, I dont do Paypal.

    [email protected]
  13. 34 Ford,

    I'd be interested, too.


  14. E-mail sent, thanks.
  15. I noticed someone is selling these plates for $20 which is a good price.
    But I have already sold 4, for $12 each and Im going to continue due to the minimal time in making them on a laser.
    Its damn FAST

  16. And thanks also for the excellent pics earlier in this thread, that sold me on this mod as much as anything else.
  17. e-mail sent
  18. Here is one one of my restrictor plates on Ebay.
    This way for $2.95 you can send a money order via Western Union which lets you use your credit card and we dont have to wait for your money to reach me by snail mail.

    Or if your not in a hurry, just send a postal money order. I have already sold some and even if your in CA it shouldn't take more than 10 days round trip. :nice:
    Oh, their also $14 by snail mail.

    If I dont have one available on Ebay, drop me a email and Ill put another up.
    Do a search for 34_ford.

    Clicky here.
  19. Installed the plate.

    I purchased the plate from 34ford and it works slick. It took a whole 10 minutes to install. I used two new gaskets, just to be on the safe side.

    The rpm's don't hang-up anymore. It just drops like the carbed engines used to. SWEET!!
  20. Installed mine and it's working great. I enlarged the smaller hole first to 5/16" and finally to 11/32" to get the idle just right. I am running with a K&N Aircharger without MAF screen and a Diablo Predator tune and that may have made the enlargement necessary. I recommend this mod to anyone thinking about it, and the plate that 34Ford is offering is excellent quality :nice: .