Happy 20th birthday

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  1. My car rolled of the line sometime in the month of January 1993 (I forget the date and am too lazy to look it up right now).
    I cleaned her up this weekend the best I could (it has a number of rust spots) and took some photos. I painted the 10-holes (winter wheels) black last Spring and had the wife put teal nail polish on the center caps (I've gotten mixed reactions)
    It has 136k on it and has been my dd for over 10 years, since I was 16. It's even got a child's car seat in the back. I've been looking for a newer vehicle so eventually it's going to be garaged until I have time/money to get working on it.

    Hope everyone is doing well!
    I'm sure glowstang will drop by soon and post some pictures of his haha!

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  2. sounds like we all need to drop by for a birthday beverage
  3. haha you have to wait til it's 21!
  4. Happy Birthday!
    I always liked the teal color on these Mustangs.