Happy 49th Birthday Ford Mustang!

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  1. OK, so we need a show of hands for the string of automobiles in the world that have undergone nearly half a century of uninterrupted mass-production. Anyone? Anybody? That’s right, this is seriously limited company. The Ford Mustang is set to enter a book of limited record, with today marking its 49th “birthday”. So many people are teeming with excitement for next year’s rendition in the 2015 Mustang, that some are forgetting the true nature of awesomeness that comes with making it past the 40-year continuance milepost. Pretty sure the Camaro can’t lay claim to this one.

    So gear up, and get ready for #50 coming soon, by basking in the fact that America’s favorite pony car has never stopped inspiring fans globally; and isn’t likely to do so anytime soon. All we can say is 2015 is going to bring some cool things with regard to the Mustang 50th Anniversary.

    Until then…

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