Happy Birthday Realmongo

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  1. Oh, Sure! when the fuzzy guy and the miserly dude make baby-eyes at some honey, they get the interest. But when the 4' tall walking talking eyeball tries to play nice, what does he get? Fuhgeddaboudit!

    Sheese! I can't help my height and stature.... I'm a nice guy. I keep the pool clean and try to keep the Peanut Gutter-Butter moped up around here. Just cause I'm a sickly shade of mottled green :nonono: Think I'll just go sit in my Jacuzzi in the corner and sulk!

    Still Dreamin'
  2. This :chair: is what you would get from the Mrs StD! And I tell you Bubba Eyeball....even I wouldn't cross that woman....she'd put a world of hurt on me!
    Besides, count yourself lucky you've got such a wonderful wife....'cause the "fuzzy guy" and the "miserly dude" don't!
  3. Jeez, fuzzy,

    Making us sound like a pair of Desparados!

  4. Awww gimme a break, Fritz; everybody knows I'm not gonna mess around on the Mrs! Frankly, I'd be afraid to; 'cause you're thinkin' :chair:, when in fact it would be more like :uzi: :eek: when she unlimbered that S&W in her purse! Messing around? :nonono: Well, maybe with 'Chelle's cartoon girls :drool: :crazy:

    Just once in a while it wouldn't be bad if the little green guy got noticed, though. :(

    Still Dreamin'
  5. Be careful what you wish for my little one-eyed, smooth skinned green friend, 'cause sometimes getting noticed can get you this:flame::eek:, this:uzi::eek:, this:stick:, this:chair:, this:fuss:, and even this:owned:! If you'e really lucky, they might only do this:lock: to you!

  6. Ahhhh, I think I'm good for now. Yesterday was my little honey's birthday; and I called the local Country-Western station and requested Trace Adkins' "One Hot Momma" for her. Well, let's just say things are doing okay right now :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  7. :fuss:
  8. Is someone feeling a little hot under the collar?
  9. Collar? Me no need no stinkin' collar! :rlaugh:
  10. Flea Collar?
  11. Almost Forgot, while channel surfing last night, I caught Rocky Horror on one of the Cable Channels, I think one of the music channels!

    It's just a jump to your left....
  12. And a step to your right.....

    I think it was on Bravo here....couldn't watch it though, I was busy doing my prep for a colonoscopy this AM................:(

    Hey...what's with these new and FUGLY monochrome smilies???:scratch:
  13. Colonoscopy

    Are you prepping to prod, or be prodded??? :banana: :lol: :mad: :rlaugh: :banana:
  14. I was prodded! :notnice: Thank GOD for good drugs.....I slept thru it and it's all behind me now! :rlaugh:
  15. Prodded...

    Are you sure you want Suzi to know this??? :rlaugh: :banana:

    I don't even think they went that far in RHPS!!!! :lol: Maybe it was "Deliverance".......... :rlaugh:
  16. Children.....DON'T try this one at home!:nono:

    Maybe that's why they were playing banjo music in the O.R....!:scratch:
  17. So what you're saying here is you have been violated huh?

  18. And I didn't even get dinner first!:mad:
  19. Wow, what an easy Date!!!
  20. Easy and cheap!

    Waitaminute......um maybe we'd better stop this line of reasoning.... :nonono:
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