Happy New Year from CDC!

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  1. Happy New Year from everybody at Classic Design Concepts! 2008 should be a great year for mustang fans and Classic Design Concepts has a few new products to help bring in the New Year that we’d like to inform you about!

    First off is our Dead Pedal for the 05-up Mustang. The pedal is constructed of 1/8”-thick stainless steel with black inserts designed to match the GT500 Shelby pedals. Installation is simple, requiring no drilling or modification of your vehicle. If you are tired of destroying your carpet where a dead pedal should be, this is your solution.
    We also have released our Lower Grille Insert for the 05-up mustang GT. The CDC Lower Grille is a powder coated and clear coated replacement grille engineered for OE fit and finish. NO DRILLING, simply install the CDC grille using factory mounting points. This grille matches perfectly with the CDC Upper Replacement grille. It comes in brushed aluminum and black.
    Lastly we’ve updated our Lightbar with a Carbon fiber Finish. Its available for the 99-08 model years. The light bar has been engineered to fit the curves and natural lines of the vehicle to provide a factory fit. The high mounted LED light provides added safety with a highly visible brake light. If rain should attempt to spoil your cruise no fear, the factory top effortlessly fits over the light bar and the Classic Light Bar does not interfere with any original factory functions. The light bar is constructed of a sturdy 1 ¼” round steel tube, with a 1/8” wall thickness. This polyurethane piece is wrapped in vinyl, grained to match your car's interior trim. The bar is supplied with brackets that are mounted to the B pillars and they receive the Light Bar a sturdy mount and also stiffens the body. With in a couple hours your Mustang will be ready for the next convertible day. ***Not intended rollover protection***
    All our products come with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. Please visit Classic Design Concepts or call 866-624-7997 if you have any questions of comments.

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  2. How about releasing those headlights? I know you guys gets requests for them all the time.
  3. +1!!!!!!!!
  4. We're still working on the lights. The best way to get them to market faster would be to call and let us know that you want them and how much you'd be willing to pay.
  5. Thanks for the response. I don't talk on the phone, though. I do that all day for my job. But I appreciate your response and look forward to being able to (one day) purchase this item.
  6. Shoot I'll call, what is the number? and how does free.99 sound?