Happy New Year

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  1. Happy New Years to all my Fox Body brothers. Watching the Honeymooners marathon, and looking out the window wishing the snow would melt so I could go out and grab some gears. Nine damn degrees here. Man I hate the winter.
  2. Had to go into the office for a couple hours this morning. My car said -19 for the temp in Cedar Rapids, IA on the way in. 2018 is starting off with a bang, for sure.
  3. Happy new year

    -2 degrees this AM when I went to Home Depot for some supplies
  4. -19? Dang that's cold. Do you use a block heater up there? The coldest I've ever seen on my daily driver console temp was 0 here in Maryland and that way a number of years ago. It's been in the low teens here in the early morning so far this year. My detached garage is unheated. I have a mini fridge out there. I put the beer in there to keep it from freezing.
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  5. Coldest I've ever personally seen is -5. We have a chance to break that this coming weekend.

    At -2, the DD (with new battery) sure does crank slow on a cold startup

    I have a mini fridge on my 3-season porch that sees ambient temps. I keep beer in it but since it went cold I don't dare open it. My darling wife opened it to grab something and remarked how the water in the fridge was still liquid after weeks of below freezing temp.

    Next morning, I walk out and the door is open and the inside of the mini fridge is busted up from all the exploding beer that froze up after she opened it And let out the "warm" air.
  6. It gets cold enough here when you open the car door, it feels like there glue on the hinges
  7. Happy New Year.
    Tuesday morning heading back to work after taking the 4 days after Christmas...
    4 degrees here and I work outside...yeah!
  8. It’s a balmy 16* here this first work morning of the year. I believe we’ll be in the mid twenties today. Yesterday morning it was 3*. GAACK!

    Compared to you northeastern guys, I have it good!

    Hope you guys stay safe, I hear you might get slammed with snow pretty hard later this week.
  9. 4-7"+ on Thursday. Just enough to make commuting to work a PITA.

    Edit: and wife's car wouldn't start this AM. Needed a little help by jumpstart
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  10. 48° here on the carport, I'd say I was freez'n but I don't want to insult you members that really are freez'n your butts off.
  11. 50 and sunny in NM, 20-30 degrees in the mornings
  12. They upped the totals for tomorrow to 12"-15"+

    Wife's home, school cancelled, cars are in the garage, snowblower is gassed up..and so will I

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  13. There you go Scott:nice: And a whee fine Scotch it is me bucko.

    Enjoy the snow, btw.
  14. Upgraded to a blizzard here in southern CT. Can't see my neighbor's house with the whiteout
    conditions. Oh well, Wife and I are home from work, kids are home and I got a new Troy Bilt 28"
    snow blower that I'll have fun with later!
    Stay safe everyone who is in the path of this storm.
  15. Blowing pretty good here. Pic makes it look better than it is outside

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  16. The news said y’all will get at least 12” of snow. Good luck Mike, stay warm.
  17. Probably halfway there by now. Heading out to do Rd 1 of snowblowing

    Gloucester is flooded. Seawall burst and I have friends with 3 feet of water in their homes and cars under water.

  18. It's supposed to be single digits again tomorrow and into the weekend. The suck is only getting started
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  19. 25635464098_91bee60428_c.jpg
    A few flurries today.