Hard Decision...Family Guy vs Trailer Park Boys

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  1. Well at 9:00 tonight two of my fav shows come on, trailer park boys :hail2: and family guy :banana:. Do you Americans have TPBs? :shrug:

    I think ill have to watch family guy since i have missed the last two trailer park boys (seasons two weeks deep).

    What one do u guys watch? Or neither :nonono:
  2. I never heard of TPB. Sounds to me like you need TiVo. I couldn't live without mine... that's why I have 2!
  3. TPB's=never heard of (must be a Canadian thingy)
  4. tpb is awesome. I lived in manitoba for a year playing hockey and that was our faveorite show.
  5. Definately canadian for ya eh.. I still don't understand it's appeal lol
  6. deff The Family Guy.
  7. I love Family Guy :nice:
  8. The Family guy is Freakin' Sweet!
    I've never seen trailor park boys.
  9. you can download episodes of tpb on kazza or limewire. That is what i'm having to do so i can watch the show here in texas.
  10. OMG you guys have to download some trailer park boys! you dont know what your missing out on.

    haha it is awesome, if you want to download some get some from the 1st season there good, some arnt good but most are.

    ps: WHAT THE HELL IS TiVo?

  11. Only the greatest thing since TV itself! Its a DVR that can record all your shows whenever they are on, set it once and it will record the show no matter when and what channel its on. You can pause and rewind live TV, it has slow motion, you can share pictures via the TV's in your house, etc.

    I've been a TiVo owner since 2001 and I can't watch TV without it now... no more commercials!!! Sit down about 15 past the hour and you can watch a show straight through without any commercials and be done right on time.

    What is TiVo?
  12. damn 12$ a month, they have dvdr tv recorders now, bye bye vhs
  13. The $12/month is nothing for the features it has. Cable and satelite are trying to make it out like TiVo is a rip off, but it still offers more things than they do... are at least it did. I looked into getting a DVR from our cable company but it can't do all the extar stuff TiVo can.