Hard Decsion

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 98nastang, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. ok guys and gals should i go with a 98 mustang gt with a kenne bell 1.7 setup or a stock 03-04 gt and start saving again for mods? :shrug: :shrug: :uzi: :dead:
  2. You could look for a 99-01 Cobra, they will be in the same price range as an 04 GT (or less in some cases).
  3. I would probably go the kenne bell route:nice:
  4. :nice: As long as the car is in overall good condition
  5. I vote for the newer, unmolested 99-04 car. Start from scratch and choose your own mods.
  6. The newer car is always better starting ground. I say buy the '03-'04 and start saving for mods. From what I understood from your other thread I responded to, your technical knowledge on the subject seems limited and it’s looking a lot like a project car may be a little over your head right now. You might as well start from scratch with the newer car, then while you spend time increasing your cash flow, spend an equal amount of time researching and reading up on what makes these cars tick/go fast.

    By the time you’ve got a good grasp on the subject, you’ll still have a car that’s worth something and is still in decent shape to play with.
  7. the thing is im no good w the 4.6 latfom ive torn down my 302 ho roller motor twice now. i dont knw much about workin on mustangs tho bcuz my 302 is in a lincoln mark VII and lastly i have a very limited supercharger knowledge cuz i just got in the market 4 1 and all i know is what the company websites say and we all know they really want to sell their kits. another thing is i can get the 98 next week but id have to wait till june or july for the 03 04 the wait is killin me im driving a riced out 92 honda prelude and i cant stand it n e more i need the v8 rwd i crave :(
  8. I would get a triple black 98 Cobra vert but thats just me. :)