Hard (or Not) Starting - 1999 Cobra Svt


New Member
Dec 28, 2017
Cape Cod, MA
So far I am just beginning on my troubleshooting journey it seems regarding the hard or not start, the engine does crank as if it wants to start, during either mild cold/damp or very cold temps. The electrical and charging system have been checked, last year along with a replacement battery at that time. We have bypassed a 1/2 am unidentifiable draw by pulling the Accessory Fuse (#27 - 25Amp - the car has been running fine - just no radio).

This fall hard starting began recently and the only vaguely notable conditions were consistently mild (40's) cold & damp or very cold weather (< 30 degrees). Warmer days it seems to start fine (we'll have to see after this cold snap - no garage).

The engine does turn, seemingly without problem but just won't kick over to start and run. I've made multiple attempts after recharging the battery or with jump assist to no avail. It almost seems as though it's not getting gas. I have tried pressing the gas pedal then start as well as holding it down while trying to start which makes no difference (no closer to starting or smell of gas).
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