Hard To Find 4 Bangers

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  1. Seems like 5 years ago there were a large supply of decent condition 87-93 fox 2.3 cars out there for a grand or less. I have been looking for one for a DD but haven't turned anything local up in a while. I guess they are all being lost to 5.0 conversions and turned in to mini stock race cars.
  2. mostly crushed and neglected to the point of no return
  3. I remember my 4 banger being as labor intensive and needy as my 5.0. Not saving any money by using one as a dd.
  4. Only fox mustangs I see on the road now are 5.0s.

    Couldn't even tell you the last time I saw a 2.3 driving.

    I bet most have found their way to the junkyard. Why else keep a 20-year old 88hp car kicking around for?
  5. I had to search forever for mine. Just like anything else, there are actually nice ones out there but you have to pay for them.
  6. I see a few riding around here, haven't seen one for sale lately. Still got mine(my 2nd stang, on #5 now) sitting in the back yard. Still want to put my merker drivetrain in but haven't had the time or money
  7. I see very few 4 popper Foxes anymore.
  8. I just got one a couple of weeks ago . I thought they were pretty easy to find . Not as easy as a 5.0 but not hard . One owner , little old lady . No rust, dents or scratches . Lots o curb rash on every rim .

    Runs well but needs rear brakes in the next couple of weeks . Auto because the only 5spd's I could find needed a load of work .
  9. That auto is a huge problem IMO. If you aren't swapping to a 5.0 you better go ahead and pick up a spare.
  10. There is a nice red convertible 2.3 at my high school with a beige interior! Check Craigslist, there are plenty in the stlouis area at least
  11. 89 year olds are not normally hard on trans . It was rebuilt 60k ago . I have owned tons of cars and have never had any let go on me . I replaced the first clutch in my Jeep at 184k because of the throw out bearing . The clutch was still good but I had purchased a new one so . I hear of people rebuilding the same trans in their cars at 30-40 thou when I own the same cars with 2 or 300k and never had a failure . Heck my Ford Focus has 295,000 on the original tranny and it still runs everyday . It it does go I will not put another old A/T in or rebuild it . Just as easy to swap a 5spd from a donor car . Drive a 2.3 like it's a 2.3 I say .
  12. Oh and not swapping to a 5.0 . It would have been easier to just buy one . My Olds is fast , Jeep has loads of torque and Supercharged Regal is fast . No need to throw money at a DD 4cyl . The only other car is economical Focus wagon . No sarcasm or ill-feeling on my part , just saying .
  13. The auto trans issues are less driver and more Ford crappy engineering. It is simply a well documented problem child of a transmission. At any rate, I wish you luck with it.
  14. If the car is a 4 banger auto, it has the A4LD (old C3). They are terrible transmissions that are known to fail at 30K miles.
  15. So the trans is a FORD ? Fix Or Replace Daily ! Side note , I do want to swap for a 5spd . Who's running an adjustable vac modulator in their auto . They have them for the 2.3t . I have one in my Olds and it was the best low buck mod aside from the bigger gearing I added last year .
  16. I see them less and less frequently now. I drove my '93 daily for the last 10+ years until May but I still have it. Oddly enough, I work with 2 people who also have one as a second car/future project.
  17. Swap to a 5-speed is a great idea. The T-5 is a good, durable transmission behind the 2.3L, and it will also make the car a lot more fun to drive.
  18. I can vouch for how crappy the A4LD is. You can baby it and it will still blow up.
  19. I have 3 other cars to drive so whichever one is in front gets driven first then gets parked in last place . I call them all DD's . Should last til spring . I won't be driving in snowy months .