Hard To Find 4 Bangers

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  1. I guess I have been incredibly lucky when it comes to ford automatics. I had my AOD '87 GT for about 10 years with no problem and the '93 4 banger I owned was an A4LD, I bought that car for 400 bucks with a bad ignition module and drove it for 4 years, it had been really neglected too. The trans fluid looked like burnt motor oil but it shifted fine the whole time I drove it. I'm mostly looking for a 4 banger because my oldest will be driving in about a year so I was thinking of getting one to tinker on and give to him when it's time.
  2. Hah , my youngest is older than your oldest . But yeah , I've had cars with hundreds of thousands of miles on them with the original trans in them . While others have told me the trans would let go around 30k ! Same cars , different drivers .