Hardcore GM guy joins Stangnet

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  1. Hey everyone....just joined the Stangnet community. I am a hardcore GM guy, have owned nothing but GM stuff, and more than likely always will (when it comes to performance oriented vehicles), but wanted to register and see what is going on in the Ford camp. I do have respect for the Mustang and how it has evolved and survived. I just feel the GM cars have more "class" you might say.
  2. Well, to each their own as they say
    Welcome to :SNSign:!!:D
  3. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Thanks, guys.
  5. Seems a bit silly to waste your time on a Mustang forum when you are a Chevy guy, really its friday night and you're a chevy guy posting on a mustang site , somebody needs to get some friends :shrug: !
  6. Haha, I really dont mean to be a dick but "GM cars have more class" had me thinking, I'm pretty sure the last thing that comes to mind to most people when you say Chevy is Class, especially CAMARO or FIREBIRD lol , when you say camaro/firebird what comes to mind to most people is greasy mullets and empty Milwaukees Best cans on the pass seat and floor along with crappy build quality, not class , but all and all welcome to stangnet :nice:!
  7. If you would pay attention you would realize that I posted this thread on 5-19-10, a Wednesday evening, not a Friday. :shrug:

    You are a perfect example of why I've never been a Mustang guy.......met too many of them that are morons like you. Someone with a general interest in cars joins to chat and see what is going on in the Ford camp and the first thing they are greeted with is some dude that has to be a wiseguy right out of the gate for no reason at all. You should be proud of yourself. That Mustang has made you really grow some hair on your chest I see.
  8. :lol:
  9. Welcome to the internet. Come back after you've had your estrogen levels reduced to somewhere south of 'whiny ****' levels...
  10. Nothing like wearing your feelings on your shirt sleeves. You kids play nice now.........

  11. For the most part, I have to agree. LOL I mean Checy has some nice vehicles but holy hell... they got more than their share of rattle traps and lemons too (not that Ford doesn't also).

    When I hear "Hard Core Chevy Guy" my initial thoughts are along the lines of:

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  12. Welcome to Stangnet! :)
  13. GM guy

    WTH I sell GM cars and know where my heart is when it comes to spending my own money. I absolutely think the new Camaro is very sharp and a nice car by all means, but I have no doubts about my rather ez decision to purchase a stage3 Roush Mustang. I also like the new Challengers but in no way do I want to own one.