Hardtop for convertible

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  1. The SVT/GT guys would never answer me, so.....does anyone know where I can get a hardtop for my vert. I know in 95 the cobra verts came with a removable hardtop, and I've heard that someone is selling them, but just can't find anything, anyone know????
  2. I know they are avialable, i've seen 'em lots of places, but now that i'm looking for it for you, i can't find it.
  3. As far as I rememberm, they were only offered in 94 with the Indy Pace Car Cobras and becuase of their cost ($1000 option), there were less than 500 sold. So, unless someone still makes them, thats not going to be easy to find.
  4. I know there were available in 1994 for just over $1000... and only like 500 were orderd that year.... so i dont know about now...
  5. Ooops, Double Post.... oh, wait, nope, he just said the exact same thing I did. :rlaugh:
  6. like i said, i've seen them for sale somewhere online, but i don't know where.
  7. yeah, i just reactivated this post hoping to get some more exposure. All of the searching I have done, I keep coming up empty.
  8. I searched a good two hours at work on our fat pipe connection and didn't even come close to finding this product. I know I've seen a posting here a long time ago and it even included a picture of it, so it has to exist somewhere! Good luck!
  9. i just talked to some peope that say that stangparts USED to carry them. give htem a call and see what they know. the way i understand you are lookint at approx 10K for an original factory roof.

    you could always find a totaled coupe and cut the roof off.
  10. there is a website that is dead now called http://www.hardtopsformustangs.com

    you could try to find out who the owner of that was. (i dunno how you'd do this) i'm sure that they could help you out.

    call ford and tell them you need a replacement. call ford, not a dealer.
  11. Using a junked coupe top wouldn't work. The shape of the coupe isn't even close enough to consider trying to fabricate it up. I say keep looking for someone out there that sells the direct replacements for the 95 Cobra tops.

    You may want to search for some Cobra sites and forums. I know they're out there and you could just ask them you need a replacement for yours (Cobra that is).
  12. hey man... my bad...i didnt read all of your post... :bang: 5-SpeedStallion, do you have a mustang book of some sort?... cause thats where i got it my info from...
  13. Yeah, I do. Standard Book of Mustangs or something and I was just kidding bout the double post thing :)