Hardwiring radar detector

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  1. I'd like to hookup the radar detector full time so it looks cleaner then having that dangly wire going into my Cig-lighter. Would it be possible to mount the radar detector like normal, and then cut the plug off of the end of its wire (where you normally plug it into the cig lighter), then connect the end of the now exposed wires to the fusebox? Like remove the radio fuse, put the wire in, then put the fuse back in so they both make contact? Would it work?

    Can the same be done if I wanted to put a small neon tube under the seats? Thanks
  2. Yes it can be done.
    First, before cutting off the plug make sure you know which wire goes to the center of the plug and which wire goes to the edge of the plug. The center will be connected to +12 volts (wired to one leg of a fuse in fuse block with an inline fuse holder before going to fuse with the fuse from the cigarette lighter plug in it) and the edge wire will go to a ground (wire should have a terminal put on the end of it and using a screw attach to a metal part of car; floor pan). The +12 v wire I usually strip the end off, twist, and then wrap once around one leg of the fuse and stick it back in. Remember only one leg or you will be bypassing the fuse and defeat its purpose. You need to decide if you want the detector on all the time or just when the ignition is on, it makes a difference which fuse you choose. I usually like a fuse that can be done without temporarily, like horn, cruise, etc just in case it does blow. The use of solderless terminals make the job easier with a pair of crimpers and must have electrical tape. Be sure also not to have the +12 wire in a position that may get cut into or come in contact with metal, it will short and blow the fuse.
    The same thing can be done with hardwiring neon and most any +12 volt accessory.
    I chose not to cut off my plug, but to buy an extension plug for an accessory and hardwire it. This way my plug is always there if I want to unplug and move it to another car. There are also multi-plug accessory outlets (3-4 outlets) that might be helpful if you plan on more in the future.
    Good Luck :nice:
  3. Thanks! My friend had told me that somthing small like a little 8" interior neon tube wouldn't need to be grounded? Do I need to? Wheres a good grounding location when working with the interior if I'd like to avoid ripping up the carpet?
  4. Behind the kickpanels or I use a screw into the firewall right next to the console. The screw points forward and its screwed into metal there. Just look for a preexisting screw that is in metal, should work.