Harmonic Balancer And Timing Question

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  1. So recently I was experiencing rough idle that appeared from seemingly nowhere, well the rubber ring on the harmonic balancer had jutted out and was causing it, I drove probably around 100 miles or more with the harmonic balancer just kind of riding along with the rough idle.

    Now I was wondering if this could have caused my timing to of been kicked up, an explanation of how would be cool, but isn't needed.

    My car seems to idle pretty well and I put 87 octane, so it doesn't seem my timing has been bumped up as there is no pinging or strange noises other than belt whine.

    And another question I wanted to toss in, is, how far should I set my timing to be running fine stock, with 87 octane? 93 octane?

    Thanks, Jordan
  2. 10* is stock. I normally run mine around 13* with 93.
  3. did you replace said balancer?
  4. How much timing on what octane depends on the car. Worn plugs, cylinders caked in carbon? Some cars ping on stock timing with 87 octane and those conditions.

    You'll have to toss some 93 octane in the tank, grab a timing gun and add a degree and go for a drive. Only want to really tell

    Typically. 12-14 degrees advance with 93 octane is typical.

    I stick to 10 degrees and 87 octane. 3HP isn't worth the extra .30-40 cents per gallon when my car gets maybe 8 MPG the way I drive it :)
  5. Why, yes. Yes, I did. You can visibly see on the old balancer the rubber ring had slipped out, half of it was raised out of its groove.
    I'm thinking I might stay with 10 degrees, because of the whole gas mileage issue and the change in price per gallon.
    I just never understood why people would move it up for those minimal gains of like 2rwhp in some areas.
    But as far as my car goes it's all stock, the plugs and wires are new, and cap is new. So not too much fouling going on there ;)

    Also, I had a thread not 'too' long ago about bad gas mileage, I think this being replaced has mostly fixed the issue with my gas mileage. The only thing I haven't touched is the cats still!
  6. i'd still bump your timing up o 12-14
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