Harmonic Balancer/crank Pulley Issues


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Oct 14, 2015
So im in the process of rebuilding my 302 for my fox body. The engine is out on a stand and Ive been replacing various things here and there over the past month or so. When the engine was in the car and I fired it up, the harmonic balancer would wobble a fairly decent amount although the crank pulley seemed to be straight. Is this potentially a sign of a bent crank or just a bad balancer? Also, when the engine was on the stand, i was trying to rotate the engine to get the oil pan off and the entire stand rolled and tipped with the engine, with the engine landing on the side of the block and the crank pulley which now has a flat side (almost looks like the letter D except the flat side isn't that big, ill try to get pictures up here) to it due to the impact of it hitting the garage floor. I tried to lessen the impact by pulling the engine up as it was falling but obviously, i lost that battle. Basically my question is could this have possibly bent my crank? And in regards to the wobbling balancer, could the combination of these things mean shot bearings? How should i go about checking all these things? Im fairly new to engine work like this so just looking for some direction. Sorry for the long post but thank you to those who took the time to read it through!
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At least it is lumpy...
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Jul 30, 2011
You may have damaged the balancer when it fell over. Are the bolts ok/tight? New balancer or reused? Did the balancer come apart? The sure fire way to check the crank is to remove the balancer and use a dial indicator and check end play(I don't remember the correct measurements). Is the motor in the car or back on the stand? If the pulley is warped bad I would expect it will wobble and create some unwanted vibrations and/or cause some belt issues.
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