Has anyone checked out AJE's new front end?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by okibono, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Longtime lurker, but just starting to post...:nice:


    I was wondering if anyone had checked into this? It seems to have alot of benefits to the performance crowd.


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  2. I heard about it here on :SNSign:
    And so far I like it. :nice: Just waiting to see what it will sell for and when it's going on the market. Last time I knew it wasn't ready.
  3. Hrm... Mcpherson strut. A lot of great handling cars have them. I was never greatly fond of it because as the suspension compresses the wheel doesn't stay level with the ground. Don't get me wrong... Saleen for example seems to be pulling over 1g with them on the last gen Mustang so I can't argue with the results. Very interesting I am interested to see how they perform.
  4. BIG improvement over stock!
    I want one for that reason and it looks to be a lot easier to install without cutting into the car. Plus I hope it's more affordable than a MII conversion.
    Like most of us, money is what prevents most of us from doing what we really want to do versus what we can afford. :bang:
  5. Glad to see the price is up now, I had emailed them a few times inquiring with no response. Looks to provide for mucho room for big headers....
  6. $2300 - $2477! :(
    I can get a MII set up for less from Heidts. At least the last time I checked.
    I guess your paying for the ease of installation.
  7. My problem is there are still shock towers,I need all the room I can get!
  8. Yeah, but it does come with your choice of motor mounts. You can run a SBC, BBC, SBF, BBF, MOD 4.6, or LS1...
    And the install is simple. You cut out the lower control arm mounts, notch the towers, locate it off of the belly bar mount, drill 4 holes, and you are done!
    You can also run Heim Joints or Polys.
  9. Struts... YUCK. SLA only for me.
  10. Looks interesting... particularly the LCA mount
  11. these guys are supposed to have a system available for the early stangs that requires no cutting and replaces the LCA and strut rod with an actual A-arm setup.


    it doesn't appear to be on their website yet though. i read about it in the lastest issue of Ford Builder magazine, just a little blurb about in the sema products section but still very cool. i sent them an email yesterday but have'nt heard back from them yet.

    their early Nova system looks very similar to the pic that was in ford builder mag.

    combine this setup with a rack and pinion and you'd be good to go, better yet, replace the upper control arms with some GW neg.wedge coilover conversion arms and the coilovers and add a rack!!!!!
  12. I talked to them, and it takes alot of weight off of the front. Somewhere between 90-110lbs off of the front end, depending on if you had factory disc or factory drums...
  13. I saw that one too. It appears that it keeps the upper control arm. Is that correct?

  14. yes it does. but an SLA is much better than a mcpherson strut, not saying that struts are awful but they ain't great
  15. I'm curious, you are saying that a SLA is better for what application? :nice:

  16. pretty much any application. an SLA inhernetly has a better camber curve and much better negative camber gain than any Mc Pherson strut application, even one one as crappy as the early Mustang SLA
  17. I guess when you break it down to the pure engineering, you're right.

    But when you are looking at application specific, there cannot be a reason on a drag car, or even a steet/strip car, to add so much weight on the front if you have the choice. And when you are looking at an early Mustang suspension, the benefits of a strut style front end far outweigh the drawbacks compared to ole' faithful. Heck, when you look at the success of the fox body on the drag stip, its obvious that it works well.

    Now Road Race may be, just may be, a different story. lol :nice:
  18. Still has the shock towers... id rather go to a mustang II set up
  19. Man, I did some more research, and this thing is even better than I thought.

    If any of ya'll want to take some serious weight off of your street/strip or drag front end, I would highly recommend it. Mine is in the mail. I will keep ya'll posted.

    If you have any questions or comments, post them or email me...thanks!
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