Has anyone checked out AJE's new front end?

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  1. Lol I don't wanna move stuff, that just causes way more work. LOL

    couple days ain't going to hurt since our track doesn't open for a month and a half.

    Still gotta pull the rearend apart to put in the spool and my alum case. Prob a good 20-30 more lbs bye bye. :)
  2. if that seems a little high to you maybe this would be more economical, i have been concidering this as an option instead of the Total Cotrol Coilover swap... Havent made up my mind yet though.

    Fatman Fabrications
  3. um yeah sorry so didnt realize this was already 8 pages, someone has probably already brought that up!
  4. AJE still comes out less when you figure you have to supply the struts, spindle assembly, power rack. They state its 1500 more if they supply everything.

    Puts them at 3500 with everything, where I did the AJE with my brakes for 2700.00
  5. ah ok well i have my own discs just need suspension and steering but havent decided which way i am goin for sure yet... leaning towards the tcp style though cause i like the way it looks and from what i have heard its not that bad of a setup...
  6. The kit itself should be 2700 iirc. But does come with a rack.

    Fireman, the TCp stuff is BADDDD. It handles Awesome. Is pricier, but everything about it is top notch from design and welding even down to the powder coating. Money well spent I think.

  7. Yup, if I was doing corners then I'd probably do something like what TCP has. Dunno bout just a street car till I get mine back together. I'm sure it will be just fine except for the soft springs.
  8. 10secgoal i take it you have used TCPs coilover conversion? if so in the way of steering what would you recommend (i prefer to have manual) thier R&P or maybe a quick steer box or some other R&P unit? I am not against a little Fab for a bracket if there is a manual R&P unit i could pull outta a junk yard and make a bracket for it. I am decent with a welder in my hands and have some good experience with creatin stuff. or for my money would it be better to just go the kit route?
  9. Yeah I've done both. If it's a street car alignment TCP wins hands down with it's camber gain. If you were to track them, the AJE stuff could have the camber added into the alignment, but that would wear tires on the street. But most I don't think will ever push a car hard enough to know a difference. As far as R&P go, I'm spoiled. I'll never recommend a box over it unless it's not in the budget. Nothing like turning the wheel and the car ACTUALLY turning. TCP's rack is great because it is custom built for these cars, not adapted from something else which make sit a better fit. Again the system is pricer here also. But the stuff is top notch.
  10. that was kinda the impression i was gettin as well from lookin at it... everything else has a stretched out and flimsy look to it while theirs looks more sturdy and proportionate look to it... guess you get what you pay for?! haha thanks for the info! and by the way that was some amazing welding on those headers in that other thread!
  11. I have the TCP power rack on my 69. Hands down the best investment I ever made. Aside from making the lines, it was a true bolt in kit. It takes place of the tubular crossmember that run under the oil pan so its tucked up out of the way. Its center link matches the original center link so all of the tie rod geometry is carried over from the stock steering, thus preventing any bump steer.

    I just finished putting TCP coil over conversion on, its at the shop getting aligned right now. those control arms and spherical bearings are very nice :).
  12. awesome! i am thinking that will be my best bet to handle that 427 W i am gonna build and my spirited driving style! haha
  13. Ya, I dont think Ill have a problem wearing out my tires. 500 miles a yr, they will be junk before they wear out.
  14. No you don't have to worry at all. You'll just give it a normal alignment anyways. Only the guys that add camber in the alignment
  15. So, figured I'd post some results from my change to the AJE setup.

    I would say I had quite a few issues with the AJE kit, but they have been very good at making things right.

    Prior best at our track was a [email protected] This was after lots of tuning and messing with settings to get there. I would say [email protected] is pretty representative of what it would of ran this friday because of heat and humidity.

    Best run of the night was a [email protected] [email protected] at the 1/8. Slow 1.49 60' time since the front till needs some adjusting, the springs are way too stiff for the weight of my car. When the front is jacked up, there basically is zero preload left in the springs. I don't think it even pulled a wheel off the ground. Once that's sorted out I think there is a 10.0X at our track and a 9 at Redding or Woodburn.

    Only changes were the front suspension and changing to a spool from a locker. Total weight loss was about 135lbs. I plan on scaling the car this week and see exactly the weight and balance of it now. Has new wheels, but that was a wash weight wise, but they sure look 10000x better and no more POS offset washers.

    I also have my 7" 6900 stall converter to try, but I'll probably wait till later in the year to try that out. I want to get the car to leave like it should.

    Video of one of the runs.
  16. blown 65, so would you say you're pretty happy with the AJE setup? How does it handle around town? Did you install the setup with power steering or manual? I'm thinking about do this set up as well, what issues did you have other than missing parts?
  17. Completely happy with it. Had a few issues along the way, but AJE was always good about fixing or replacing a couple parts. They changed a few parts because of some issues they were having and sent them to me no charge. Just make sure you buy the stuff from a dealer of theirs that will take care of you too. Drives way better than my old stuff did, wish I had done it way earlier. Plus all the room you get in the engine bay is nice.

    I did the manual steering, very easy to turn my little wheels. LOL (3.5" wide)
  18. blown65, where did you buy your kit from, and how much was it?
  19. I bought it from a local dealer at the time. I believe it was right around 2100 since at the time they had a promo going on. Then I also added new front drag brakes from Strange.