Has anyone checked out AJE's new front end?

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  1. Blown 65 How did you convert the steering column to work with the R&P that comes with the kit? Or did you buy an aftermarket steering column?

  2. Cut the end of the column to length, cut the shaft and welded the coupler to that. You could probably just use the set screws and not weld it, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it that way.

    I should of took pictures of what exactly I did I guess.
  3. How are the directions for the kit? I'm looking at the coil over version. My car is going to be mostly street driven and occasional strip use. How is the bump steer? That is my biggest issue with our mustangs. Also I was watching your YouTube videos and I have to say that's one badass 65. What gauge panel and gauges are those?

  4. For the most part, this kit is self explanatory once you get started. Only part that didn't have instructions on exactly what they planned on you doing is the steering modifications. Hardest part of the whole deal is getting all the old crap off and ground down in prep for putting the new on. We have a car with the M2 kit on it, and this ends up much nicer IMO. However I have yet to get the M2 deal on the road.

    I got most of my bump steer out of my car, probably with more time I could get more but for what I do its just fine as is.

    The gauge panel is just the cheap one off Ebay, and the guages are from speedhut.
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    anyone besides me think they messed up on the downtube from the motor mount on the passenger side
  6. Answered your other post, but that's how mine was also. No worries.

    Can you snap a picture of the portion of the strut where it mounts to the ball joint? Is it steel or aluminum on yours. Mine was aluminum the first time and that crap just about got me killed at the drags. They swapped it out with steel for the mounting point but geezus that was a stupid design.
  7. i'm not using their struts