Has anyone checked out AJE's new front end?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by okibono, Mar 2, 2007.

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  5. Can anyone provide feedback on the AJE kit? I'm between it and a MII setup for my 69 Coupe (Need room for the 545 BBF & Headers)

    This is a street car, which will be on the strip occasionally so no real corner carving performance requirements. A roll cage will be installed w\ bars through the firewall for front end support.


  6. you can run that engine with a good sized header in the stock engine bay. another alternative is to trim the tower a bit if you need a little more room for working on the engine but it is NOT necessary to remove the towers. i have worked on a 69 coupe that had a 514 with FRPP SCJ aluminum heads and 1-7/8" headers with the stock towers in place. this car was a former top 10 in the first 3 Hot Rod fastest street car shootout contests ever held. it was a low 10 second car and with the exception of the ladder bar rear suspension and coilover shocks was completely stock. still had the stock wheeltubs and we put original leaf springs and stock shocks back in the car before it was sold again. the guy that raced and built the car sold it to my buddy and he pulled the engine and drivetrain out for his 57 fairlane project and re-sold the car after putting it back mostly stock with a 4v cleveland that i sold him and the FMX trans, 9" rear and front disc brakes out of my old 70 cougar. it was a fast as hell car with the 514/c6 and it all fit under the stock hood with only a boss 429 scoop.
  7. bnickel,

    Thanks for the info. I know it can be made to work with trimming the towers, but access to plugs and 2 1/4" headers have me concerned about space even with using a motor plate setup for mounting the engine.

    My engine builder runs an all steel Torino in the NMRA going mid 8's on the stock stuff, so I know it can be fast just looking for more of the convenience factor I guess.


    PS: I remember that mustang from my youth. Might still have the hotrod magazine w\ coverage of those first few events, where I saw that car.
  8. Looks to me like that kit (the one this thread was originally about) would hurt the ground clearance. At least it looks like the LCA mounts are considerably lower than factory.

    On the other hand, I'm guessing that the headers will still be the lowest point, so if the engine mounts are in the same spot it might not matter.

  9. it was a blue coupe with pink and green stripes on the rear quarters....it was repainted before it was sold but the kid who bought it rolled within a month. sucks because it was a pretty nice original car otherwise.
  10. whats sla?
  11. short and long arm
  12. don't forget to check out www.globalwest.net they have some good stuff for torinos too.
  13. Bringing a thread from the dead. Anyone else do the AJE front end. I have mine on order from my buddy and going with some light wilwood drag brakes. Got a few other things I plan to do to lighten it up some but pretty excited to lose the weight and have better steering. Right now I have a worn out power assist setup without the pump etc etc. Makes for a loose front end and at 130+ down the 1/4 I was probably asking for it. LOL
  14. What info are you looking for? My car is a few months away from driving but I installed the kit myself.


    Here is the engine mounted. 9.5 windsor, chi heads with BIG valve covers....and everything is still fitting...:)

  15. Not looking for any info, just was wondering if anyone had done it since the last post here.

    Looks like tons of room there. Cant wait. :)
  16. Just in case anyone ever wonders the weight difference.

    From stock front with Granada Brake to AJE with Strange Drag brakes.

    236.5 lbs taken off, 121.5lbs put back on. Total of 115lbs of weight loss.

  17. Awesomeness. Now hurry up putting it back together and get it down here.
  18. lol, all done except bleeding the brakes and putting the motor back in. Kinda stuck since AJE forgot to send the motor mounts. Should be here this week though.
  19. Don't need 'em. Make your own and slam that thing in there and push it BACK !!