Has anyone driven the 05 yet

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  1. Has anyone reviewed the 05? I can't wait to read a review on this car. Someone said that Det News got to drive the car, but I can not find anything on it? Please post links or articles for all of us to enjoy.
  2. dude it dont come out un tell the fall or summer ts still at shows dont think so
  3. Thanks for the article.

    Don't magazines ussually get to drive the car a few months before it comes out? What about aftermarket companies, do they get an opportunity to purchase an early release of the car, so they can start to develop products?
  4. Great article!! Oh, perhaps I just missed this in my daily info searching for the 05 pony... but I believe thats the first time someone has mentioned what it really is going to have for gears?? That article stated that it has 3.55's?? Thats not bad.... not as good as perhaps 3.73 or 4.10's, but still, for factory... thats not bad at all...
  5. One In Vegas

    Friday night I saw a white one here in Las Vegas. It had the lepard print on the mid section like they use to hide pre production cars but the bras front and rear were missing so there was NO mistaking what it was. If I ever come across the car again, I'll be sure to ask some questions.

  6. OoooOo ill be in Vegas in 2 weeks, I hope its still running aorund.
  7. I will be in vegas in march.....
  8. Vegas it is then.... (I will be out there for vaca around july-august....)