Has anyone ever lost their keys???

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  1. Any one ever lose the keys to your car? Well seems I can’t find the only ones I have. The accessory key was stolen with a set of keys about 6 years ago. Now, I can’t find the ignition key. I finally completed assembly on my car and can’t fire it up. I contacted Ford; they can only reissue keys for vehicles 97 and up. Locksmith will cost me $100 bucks. I have reviewed the instructions on replacing the tumbler and I need the key to turn the ignition to the “ON” position in order to pull it out of place. Anyone know if this to be completely true. I really am trying to avoid a locksmith. In reality what will happen is that I will shell out the $100 and the next day, find the key.
  2. They sell A plastic piece you put in there and try to turn then bing it to a locksmith to have him cut.. Thats what i did with my 91 f150..
  3. always make copies!
  4. i lost mione once in the fall, then in spring when all the snow melted they were on my driveway lol.

    locksmith is about your only option i think
  5. Yeah I've done it too.

    +1 for the Locksmith!
  6. or u can rip out ur whole ignition and goto a junkyard and get a new one from a another mustang and put it in... that has a key with it thats what i did when mine broke...
  7. i didn't lose my keys but it cost me alot of cash and aggravation. i broke the key in the ignition of my 96. had to call a locksmith to remove it. then i found out the keys were about 40$ a piece to replace the one i broke. damn technology, seems they have a chip or something in the key that the alarm reads so it knows it's ok to start. but damn 40$ for a key? at least i found out the alarm worked cuz the theft flashed and the entire car would not work till i used the right key. anyway hard lesson.