Has anyone ever told you..

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  1. Has anyone ever told you to give up on your mustang II and start a real project car? You know the dime a dozen fox with parts available even on the moon? Everyone keeps telling me that lately. They ask why I'm fixing up a II and how it would be so much easier if I just got a fox body. I guess they'll just never get it will they? :shrug:
  2. Prolly not..... What sucks is I cant seem to finish off the Cobra, at least to have it in some sort of race form. I know I would surprise quite a few with a small build.....then the turbo comes later :) MUHUWAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yes I have a Fox to, but mines Special! :)
  3. oh nothing wrong with foxes, I just wouldnt give up on my mustang II now.
  4. Yet another reason: Drive through the welfare areas and check out the cars they have. I will guarantee that you see at least one fox body stang.

    Also, a majority of the fox owners are pricks. They think they're so much better when they only came with 60 more hp stock for stock. foxes are a dime a dozen......finding II parts is a needle in a haystack.
  5. Hey man, I don't consider myself a prick.
    Foxes are a dime a dozen though making them and their parts cheap. Hell i got mine for free, But in my entire life I have seen 5 Mustang II, 4 of them located at the JY.

    Don't listen to them. Your car looks better then a lot of foxes out there.
    Each to their own.
  6. I bet you anything that one day the II's will rank right up there with the classics. last generation is soo focused on the classics, that the don't care for the II's and do away with them. Our generation loves the II's and finding parts for them is like what clone said, a needle in a haystack. Next generation, I bet we'll see alot of hype for having a II since parts are hard to find for them and thus more collectible and rare. I'd hate to say it, but with every II crushed in the yard, they slightly start to raise their value. (kinda like the theme to the movie, The One)


  7. If I wanted something as common as a Fox I would have gone with a Chevy.
  8. if anyone has ever done any body work on an mII they would appreceate the style of the body.the front is nicely rounded and the back is more boxy with the change from front to back being made by a bad @ss scallope on the doors that run into the quarters.
  9. I get complements on my II still, and it's lost alot of it's luster (yeah, I'm working on it!). I think that the "old farts" are hard to change, especially when they start thinking about the good ol' days - you know when fuel was cheap as crap and the size and weight were only important when considering speed, not fuel economy. It seems that when the MII's first came out people were disgusted by the V4 and 6 and even though the 302 was offered in 75, they still lump it all into the same catagory - just small minded and ignorant if you ask me. What a pile of BS that "MII's lacked real power". Based on any technology back in those days - "modernizing" a car is required to take advantage of new tech. Ford just wasn't focused on power back then so gave way on power for cost (sale price). Stock really means nothing today.

    But the MII is the last of the stangs to have a distinctive "70's muscle car" look. I've turned the eye of many a young lady and while their boyfriend gaped slack jawed in envy. I don't really give a flying :eek: if Ford put out a similar looking Pinto in that era that exploded when rearended. Gives the yokels ammunition but who cares - they're stupid yokels. It's like comparing a pony to a stallion. Look at the Capri and the Fox - same thing. And the new Mustangs are copying the 60's Shelby GT's. To each their own - forget the rest. :uzi:
  10. :scratch:

    Oh, and another thing I don't understand, when has factory performance ever mattered to hot rodders?
  11. I agree, alot of fox body owners are pricks. I know a mustang club full of them. I get alot of compliments on my car from non mustang people, but it should be the mustang people as well.

  12. My former boss was that way too. The classic guys can be just as bad. I guess ignorance is bliss?? :shrug:
    But I figure Ill just blow his doors off when I see him at a stoplight. AND I built mine myself, I didnt go off and pay 20k for someone elses dream.
  13. CoolWheels
    Use care when characterizing [old fart]. I might take umbrage with that comment. Aside from that I feel it's a mater of taste and a little knowledge.
    It is surprising how little the "classic" and "5.0" people know about our cars. I've even had recycling yard people ask me how difficult it was to install a V8 into a car made for a 4cyl. And it they would also say it was to bad the factory didn't offer a V8.
    I think the Mustang since 94 has been moving in our direction style wise.
    If you start linning them up side by side it's pretty apparent which group doesn't appear to fit in, it's the 79-93 that doesn't appear correct.
    The 5.0 really started to be popular with the 210hp 1985 H.O. They were reasonably fast and cheap compared to the competition "most bang for the buck,"and then the aftermarket came to life with the fuel injected cars.
    So until we can all [Mustangers] get along, lean back and enjoy being a little different, snobbish in our own way and single minded to a fault [have to be to chase parts] and don't worry to much about the uneducated.

    Enjoy to the fullest

    Later :spot:
  14. No insult intended perce. My comment applies more to the attitude than the condition. I'm no spring chicken myself. As the saying goes, opinions are like ____, everyone's got one. And @#$holes tend to have a need to push their negative crap onto others, hence tend to "fart" alot, if you catch my drift :rlaugh: Age is really irrelevant, but the hardness and negativity that sometimes comes with age may be. I am simply directing the comment to persons who for reasons of ignorance, bitterness and/or insecurity attempt to spoil a persons enjoyment of what they feel is a good thing (in this case the MII's). And often times the critics are the ones that influence other people before they have a chance to make up their own mind (kind of like that annoying person that always spoils the plot of a good movie) Glad I could clarify this :nice:
  15. I was with my friend today and he took me to meet his friend that has a 73 ranchero. Well previously the ranchero owner had heard about my II and said *eww everyone hates those cars* But when we went over to the guys house today he seen my II and smiled and said it looked pretty sweet. :D
  16. Not many people like them ranchero's either, but me i love em. Oh well II's and rancheros, I'm just weird like that

  17. I like rancheros better then the el camino
  18. It really doesn't matter what others think. What really counts is that you enjoy the car , the hours spent working on it and the end result . :nice:
  19. I got a nice comment today from a lady at the drive thru of mcdonalds lol she all excitedly said I love your car, I was like oh thank you :D
  20. What really kills me is when i tell one of the younger gen. that i have a 351W in my car.I get"how did you get a bigblock in that?"or "wow,that's a huge motor!".what would they say about my old 69 charger with a 383?
    yeah,I grew up when Hemis roamed the streets instead of sitting on a trailer!