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  1. wow, that is great
  2. most peolple that see my car love it.although they probably dont even know its a mustang because there are no badges on it
  3. Most people that don't know much about cars see mine as an old Mustang and think it's fast.
  4. I've had people ask if mine was a 65, or 66 lol The majority of people around the streets do like my car.
  5. I had someone ask me if I had a 350 in mine.
  6. so it looks like the only people that dont like our cars are owner of other mustangs.you would think we could all get along

  7. You would think, but what fun would that be?

    There is no Drama without Conflict.
  8. >There is no Drama without Conflict.

    And there is no beauty without contrast. I'm with Wart, relish in the fact
    that restoring and owning a 74-78 Mustang is very different than with
    any other. I don't like Taurus's either but I sure see a hell of a lot of
    people driving them.


  9. Yeah I hate mustang owners like that. I got an email i think it was from the mca and it said this "1976 Cobra - this indeed was the best of an ugly era. It can be any available year or trim level in this series." It was a list of cars they wanted at this car show or something. I was offended though. Our very own MCA said that!

  10. I've never seen any other car enthusiasts snub off a generation of their cars though.
  11. I had some poor fool ask how many NOS bottles I had under the hood :rlaugh:

    I kept a straight face and told him "6 on the drivers side, 4 on the passengers" This guy believed it even after I showed him the whole thing.

    . . . . . some peoples children. :nonono:
  12. The 4th Gen F Body guys in my area give hell to the 3rd Gen guys.
  13. I like em all.........I'm into the cars that nobody else likes. My II has a nice deep rumble.....the V6 has a nice, high pitched whine....people know I mean business either way.

    Funny thing is, I've had so many people talk about my Cobra and they tell their buddies standing around them....."ya know, these cars were all fiberglass when they were made. That's not a real cobra cuz it's got rust." People like that pi$$ me off.....get the facts straight or shut yer trap. I have the body buck tag to back it up.

  14. You are new to this aren't you.?

    The MCA is a major reason the II has been shat on for so many years.
  15. Well,who the heck are they to say THAT! :spot:
  16. a II made out of fiberglass? riiiight

  17. I am not a member of the MCA, I'm in a club in tulsa that is associated in some way with them. I knew that just recently they started allowing the II membership. Which I think is pretty wrong. If our own club doesnt accept us, then who else would?

  18. Thats pretty much the justification other Mustang owners have used for years.