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  1. Well there has been a lot of comments about this issue I C. Fact is no matter if your a mustang owner or any other car we will catch flack about our cars. Another fact is, we have sooo much to back ourselves up on its sick. Power to weight ratio is unbeleivable. Especially when most of us have extensive work done to our motors. Its nearly impossible to get parts for our cars. Granted you go to ebay or any MII site you can get parts but they will need to be reconditioned if you want it to look nice. For a fox body guy to give me $hit about my ride would make me happy. I would have sooo much fun laying into him about the fox body. There like a$$hole$ everybody has one. There like Camaro's. All I'd say is lets race. I've been yelled at in parking lots, "ha ha ha its a suped up pinto." I don't let it bother me. Most likely the guy who is making those comments is using his big mouth to pick up slack for his lil d*c*. Its is funny to hear guys talk about cars like they know what there talking about though. I guess it just makes me feel more fortunate that I am mechanically inclined and automotively educated. I may not be able to spell worth a damn but whats that matter when you have a 9-10 second car. If no one gave us $hit it would take some of the fun away. Yuh gotta have something to BS about.
  2. Well, I don't mean to take sides on this one but my brother owns one of the sickest fox's ever... he bought it all original with 90,000 miles on the od (appx.) its a '82 5.0 H.O. and it still has the original aircleaner on it... he isn't a prick and parts for his fox are pretty hard to find also.. its the later foxs that have parts out the ass in the catologs... so just had to put in my .02! :notnice:

  3. I have an early 80's 5.0 engine with some HO parts and I find parts all day long for it.
  4. In general, finding engine parts for just about any year 302 isn't all that difficult. I think 69stang351 is talking about body parts. I had an 84 Mustang and body parts were difficult to find. It is the 87-93 fox bodied mustangs which have a bazillion billet parts, fiberglass hoods, fenders, you name it, still being produced.

  5. Well, dmoody, I have to hand it to you, you pretty much hit that one square on the head... I was talking about body parts, he cant get any special hoods or nice ground effects or interiour mods at that! he has to deal with used stuff, and it is the 87-93 foxs that have mods out the ass and some 86 guys use them as well! bastards!! anyway, i have an 83 hatch with the 3.8L and i can just barely find aftermarket crap for it, so i think my bro has it pretty bad for finding stuff but his car is still fcuking sick!
  6. Still he may have difficulty finding parts for that 83 or whatever year it was but this one thing holds true. The 74-78 Mustang II is the hardest out of all the years of mustangs to find parts for. Hands down as far as I'm conserned. I see your mustang II is all origanal. Try taking the entire car down to the unibody. Every nut, bolt, washer. I mean everything until it looks like a skeleton. Then try to build the car to brand new condition. Let me tell you pal it isn't easy. I've been working on mine for 5 years and its finally just about done. Sure you will have to re-use a lot of part and acid dip them/ sand blast them and either re-paint them or have them powder coated. But in most situations the old parts you tear off are ruined and cannot be reconditioned. And especially if you want to go peformance. Then you have to take some other things into consideration also. Then when you can't find the exact part for your car and have to use something from a V6 car and make it work with your V8 car (120 gauge cluster for example). Or try getting a hold of some end links to put on your rear sway bar when you put on a PST suspension upgrade. I'm telling you the list of nearly impossible parts to find for these cars is huge. Sure you can go to Phil at Mustang II Specialty Shop and pay out your ass for the cheapest lil part. And then when you get that lil part you have to pay more if you don't have the equipment to recondition it. Back to my point no other year mustang is harder to rebuild and find parts for than the MII. I stand by that 100%. Thats why the MII owners are sooo proud of what they have. Its like a cult almost.
  7. Oh I almost forgot one of the hardest parts to find. Try getting a hold of a Nuetral Safety Switch for a C4 trans for the MII's. There was 2 left that were trackable when I bought mine brand new (NOS) 6 months ago. One in California and one in Canada. I had a good buddy from a Ford Dealership hunt it down for me. Took him a while but he got one of them to me. For $40. I saw one on Ebay a few months back for over $100. I e-mailed the guy and basically told him he was a jack ass for charging soo much but I hoped he got it. I guess I'm very defensive when it comes to trying to get parts for the MII. I built mine from the ground up and it has been hands down the hardest thing I have ever done in my life so far.
  8. Okey dokey, I'll agree with you the II is hard... however, not all II's are created equal nor are all cars. Sometimes a basketcase 60's mustang can be harder to restore than a II that's been garage kept. Know what I mean? So you can't judge anyone and their car just by the year it was produced. I enjoy sharing this hobby with anyone that is an enthusiast.

  9. Hey now, That was the best one I had! and Im not totally sure it was from a V6 :)
    But Diddo
  10. My PST rear sway bar came with a bracket to use their end links.
  11. Hey there JonDawg no offense twords you on the 120 cluster. It actually was one from a V6, I needed to get a differant tack for the cluster so the signal box would match up to the harness under my dash. No biggy really it just took some extra time.

    1badII As far as the Rear sway bar goes, PST does not sell end links for the rear. And they definatly do not sell the brackets for the end links. You have to re-use the stock end links and the brackets. You must be thinking of a differant part of the sway bar. PST does send you the extention brackets for attatching the sway bar to the shackle brackets though. Beleive me when I say this I bought the kit and put it all on myself. I am not making up stories here, I wouldn't waste my time.

    As for the late 60's mustangs, you can find parts everywhere for them. There is catalogs upon catalogs full of every part you can imagine for them. And there is much more room to work on them unlike the cramped space you get to deal with when working on a MII.

    I still say hands down the MII is the hardest year mustang to restore. And that is mostly due to lack of parts available. Especially when you do not have any air tools or torches in your garage. Its a lil difficult restoreing a MII with standard tools in your garage. But even then I'd rather bust some knuckles than try to hunt down parts for the MII. I did it but it wasn't easy. And I'm still going to have to do a lot more hunting for simple lil things after the car is painted.