Electrical Has anyone installed a 2 din stereo in a '99-'04?

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  1. When I ordered my car back in April '99 I checked off the Mach 460. After a couple of years, I ripped out the stock mach 460 radio & put in an Alpine which sounds great. I had to buy the kit to replace the space left when the stock 460 came out. Now my Alpine still sounds great but it's 10 yrs old & I'd like to be able to go with another Alpine with newer features that my Alpine didn't come with.
    I like the newer 2 din bigger radios that look stock in the newer vehicles.
    A) Is there a kit to make a 2 din stereo work on a '99-'04 MUSTANG?
    B) is there any shops in the New York city area that has installed a 2 din on our Mustangs?

    What are my choices if I can't get that new car stereo look in my 14 yr old Pony?
    They still making flip up or down units?

    Appreciate the help.

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  2. There are numerous double-DIN aftermarket units that will fit. Some vendors include the Mach-460-replacement dash and connector kits when you purchase the receiver from them. Otherwise, you could buy them from Amazon for ~$10 and ~$13 like I did.

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  3. 99-04 DON'T use the same head units. The 99-2000, have 2 single DIN spaces and the 2001-04 have a single Double DIN space...

    I haven't done the swap, but I understand you can use the console/center stack parts from a 01+ to make a double-DIN head unit fit in a 99/00. You have some fab work to do behind the dash and you also have to re-wire the buttons on the center stack.
  4. They fit and look good when done right. I have a pioneer double din in mine!
  5. I did this mod this past weekend. You'll need a radio surround from an '01 or newer. You'll also need to cut out the crossbar that the existing surround screws into, and a good portion of the bottom (where the buttons for the new surround would go) if you want to use those openings (or just put in blank covers). After your cuts are done, you'll need to take something and make a bar where the new radio will mount, this will take some measuring with the new surround in place. I used a pieces of 1/8" thick, 1/2" wide aluminum bar stock, cut it to length, and bent 2 ears on the ends, and screwed it to the dash structure underneath (alignment is pretty critical, otherwise the radio won't line up right or will be either to far in or to far out).

    Once I had the bar stock in, I mounted my radio (Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS double din) plugged in the wiring harness (make sure you get the right one if you have a Mach460 stereo, it'll use your RCA outs, not speaker level), and clip the radio surround back into the car. You may want to change out the shifter surround as well, I plan on doing it soon, just isn't too critical right now.

    Also note, if you're running a Mach460/1000, you'll need to adapt your amp turn-on wiring from the radio to supply the correct voltage (12v is what the radio puts out, 6v is what the Mach amps expect), otherwise you may have a nasty squelch sound every time you start your car (I need to do this, a 1k ohm resistor in line with the amp turn on wire should do the trick).

    I need to pull mine back off and paint, as well as replace my shifter surround (that gap will drive me crazy otherwise). Also going to move traction control and fog lights buttons here, and drop a USB header in the remaining empty hole. I haven't trimmed the lower part out yet (behind the holes).

    There was also a good writeup about this in Mustangs Monthly last month, I basically did the same thing they did.

  6. I have done a complete interior swap from a 02 into my 2000 last month, the defrost wiring on a 2001-2004 runs through the cluster, the 99/00 doesnt, If your doing to cut the dash to install the double din I would leave the defrost were it is. either go head and intsll the new defrost button and leave it unwired or get a extra blank button cover, they are on ebay cheap, the traction control is wired differently aswell, the fog light switch shares the same wires and can be wired in. I have 2 tract ctrl switches at this time till i figure out how to wire it in.